Vox AC30CC2
Vox AC30CC2

AC30CC2, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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luc68 10/14/2012

Vox AC30CC2 : luc68's user review

«  I finally got one!! »

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everything has already been said above there


the manual is not much, you get used to the settings quickly, and you get different sounds for each position of knobs or switches


I play ROCK! well the vintage of the machine suits me perfectly. whatsoever with my "strat" ​​self made, a Lag RS500 Limited, or an old Epiphone Les Paul, there's plenty to be + as pleasure. Pure and punchy crunch well, depending on the volume of microphones and guitars, the sound palette is unimaginable. and without any effects, I'm a dinosaur, a guitar, a cable or a radio and amp, period.


I for 3 days, I've been dreaming for a long time .... I had lots of amps guitar in 36 years, but it would take too long to list, but this one I needed. I bathed with Bertignac, the Stones, Led Zep and co, I am in 1963, and then I returned to sources.je have acquired under + than honest can a great guy to me exchanged against my Hot Rod Deluxe. it has two / three years but has only ten hours of play, not even run in the first rehearsal of the bougre.à my group, I got chills, not too loud, not too clean, and hop back to the 70's and 80's. even other musicos congratulated me on my purchase. I put 9/10 because of the weight, but it is not able to move for the rehearsal room is my home. for future concerts, well, I'd watch my back or I'd help a friend.