Ampeg GVT5H
Ampeg GVT5H
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trudjer 05/01/2013

Ampeg GVT5H : trudjer's user review

«  The best sound Clair! »

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Value For Money : Poor
All Tube Amp Head (preamp.12AX7, power 6V6GT)
5W, 2.5W reducible
Settings: Volume, Treble, Bass
Switch "Full / Stand By / Half" (5W-"Mute"-2.5W)
Rear panel 5 speaker outputs (Two 4 ohms, two 8 ohm, a 16 ohm)

Imposing size compared to the competition, I like it because I felt without even trying to get my money: built to last!


With too few buttons, it could not be complicated
I read the manual to check and there is absolutely no useful information in it.

I also want to yell a little bit why I have never read in any amp manual, info on the heating time or the running lamps? A priori it is very important for the life of the lamps that might be useful ...

If you plug, the sound is beautiful, it's gone!


Original ... and daring!

It is the words that come to my mouth. Indeed, 9/10ths of people who buy a tube amp, especially low-power, buy it to "crunch" the lamps at the end of the race, or to take a nice little distortion lamps pushing all buttons background ...

There ... NO!
The sound is clear, but so clear, even with all the knobs at the end of the race and the "Power" on 5W

And that's what I love about this amp!
Why try to do what everyone else is doing already? I especially looked for beautiful clear sound for the distortion pedal I ...
Ampeg is known for its clear sound, very close to a Fender amp, with a strong presence grain "lamps" but "try" sound, many nuances of the game, the short walk!
The Treble and Bass knobs are VERY effective, workable end to end (even with Bass and Treble thoroughly mini sound is not too choked, same Treble and Bass mini thoroughly not too loud)
These settings provide the final palette incredibly rich and varied sounds clear, I love it!

I also note that if it is clear, the sound of the Ampeg to relive my distortion pedals (BOSS DS-1 Danelectro Cool Cat Overdrive) by giving them a grain that I did not know them before

(5W his attention is VERY (too) FORT: to play at home the 2.5W is required)


I have this amp for 2 months and I think we'll get along well for many years

I had several amps and heads lamps before (BlackHeart Little Giant 5w, Bugera V5, Vox AC5TV Blue Vox Lil 'Night Train) and no clear sounds of these amps will happen to him in the ankle. In addition, the quality is impeccable: the beautiful and strong!

One may regret the absence of crunch (me first I thought it was funny), but the clean sound is so beautiful that somehow it is more than enough

* For "cruncher" anyway: a overdrive pedal set with a drive at a minimum, and shoo! a nice little slight crunch with the "leg" of the AMPEG

I paid € 182 in this amp our friends Schpountz, while all other sites offer between € 329 and € 369 (price still seems to me not so crazy given the quality of the beast: the price as quality range from low-end VOX and Marshall Class 5 or Fender 5W)
So YES I would do this choice without hesitation, but when? Maybe in 30 years when he let go of me ...