Ampeg GVT5H
Ampeg GVT5H

GVT5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the GVT series.

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lukang71 08/09/2013

Ampeg GVT5H : lukang71's user review

«  almost perfect amp for home »

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I do not like giving advice, I do not know too much about his dU. This amp deserves praises qq.
then the previous opinion joined pretty well what I felt. then it is easier ..
All lamp power 5 or 2.5 watts
volume, bass and treble settings, very effective.
two 4 ohm, two 8 ohm outputs and one 16 ohm output.
power switch and standbye.
No reverb, c is a shame, no loop, so be it.
But we bought the PIC.
But it lacks a bit anyway.
Why you have to go to 15 watts for a reverb?
I speak but not in the loop effect.


The settings seem very simple.
to know the amp should not hesitate to play with two knobs, one millimeter on his cheek, the mixture of the two as well. s can be fun to turn the settings of one and the other in one direction and in the other, we feel that they interact effectively.
I find contrairment the good advice that has been done, the extreme level settings are really extreme, c is to say deaf and screaming. with a strat anyway ...
the sounds are very good, easily. while at noon, and it sounds. and as already mentioned, possibility of really awesome sound despite only these two settings.
It accepts pedals very well, and I, it's good.
but as with any tube amp, the sound level will be to have a good crunch, rather High. My neighbors are nice ..


I agree with the previous opinion. This is an original amp, that it is impossible to cruncher in a room. Even at 2.5 watts.
Even with a booster, the lamps do not allow themselves to do .. I do not know why I say that, but I know what I mean.
but what's clear. crystalline enough to be compared to the fender in can approach ..
I think that it is easier to approach the clear sound of the old marshall, but I know less.
I'm a big fan of crystalline sounds yet but this amp has almost made me change my opinion. Almost.
ha yes, I plug in a mesa transatlantic 10 inches. I'm not sure, but it may be a little darker overall ..


I month. I was scared at the beginning because I thought the sound was a little deaf. but we must work to prove not.
I have a Vibrochamp xd, very good room to play but I was always on the same preset fender, then I have wanted to pay me a fender type head, but I came across this one.
m it comes to reconnect the XD, even when c is the same. I prefer to play on this little Ampeg.
voila, then it is sorely lacking a little reverb.
but otherwise it is almost perfect.
the overall score does not correspond to the average score above, but I want it to Ampeg not have put a little reverb ..
And I remain a fan of the fender, then that may be one day I craquerai and resell this nice little amp.