Blackstar Amplification HT Metal 5H

HT Metal 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT Metal series.

bulldog92 09/23/2013

Blackstar Amplification HT Metal 5H : bulldog92's user review

«  Loud as hell »

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Two channels, reverb.
Tone on clean
Tone stack + ISF on saturated.
Simple, but effective.
The news of the recent standard HT5 were transposed on this model: Reverb, Tone on clean.
One branch, we play.


Gain do you want, the gain voila! Wishing an amp with more "balls" a HT5, here is debauchery. It whistles, screams ca.
The sound, as usual Blackstar is a Marshall deugueule a little less.
The clean is really beautiful, it crunch a great way when cranked. It is not the fat and vintage blues, but he is doing very well.
The reverb is digital simulation of spring reverb for Repeated and lives, ca served its purpose quite well.

It's really a toss AND face amp.

A minor complaint, the volume of clean channel is really less than the saturated channel.
It is more interesting to the saturated with very little gain and volume background channel. It gets a lot of volume. As against the saturated, it is loud as hell ... I do not see the point in playing on 50w or more, unless you looking for the clean headroom.


Two weeks that I am stupid, I could play with ten hours.
Connected in two cab Marshall 1912 Eminence Wizard (103db sensitivity) is really monstrous volume coming out of that little head.
Studio => Good enough
Caf'con '=> You will never be thoroughly
Great scene => Either way you will be transplanted