Blackstar Amplification HT Metal 5H

HT Metal 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT Metal series.

nicos06 11/14/2014

Blackstar Amplification HT Metal 5H : nicos06's user review

«  Slap !!!!! »

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Amplification lamp, 2 channels, 1 clean with tone and volume, with one drive volume, gain, bass, mid, treble, isf, general reverb, 5 watt big, effects loop, 3 speaker outputs, footswitch 1, 1 simulation 1 mp3 input etc ...


Setup could not be more simple, clear manual, you get the sound easily


Suits my style hard rock etc. I wanted a versatile amp and THAT METAL for home and small pubs to the stage because I use a fender HRD, good for clear, and this little Blackstar has not be ashamed, it is clear that this is not the fender clean but he is doing very well and it sounds and the drive (what else?)


I just got it and I use it with a cab harley benton G112 in v30 (super cab this !!! especially for 98 euros at Tho ... when we know that the v30 alone has sold 99 euros) j have tried many other amps including Marshall and malgrés whom I love this grain is at Blackstar that I have bought anyway value for money more than perfect !!!