Blackstar Amplification HT Stage 100

HT Stage 100, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

Xoran Sorvor 11/16/2010

Blackstar Amplification HT Stage 100 : Xoran Sorvor's user review

«  Let's Rock! »

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The characteristics for I can refer you here: 20handbook.pdf

In rsum is a 100-watt, 7 lights, 3 channels but 6 sonorits.Chacun channel has a `voicing. (See handbook for more info)

Level effect:

- SIW (allowing the absolute give her color is more British or more than U.S.)
- Rverbe (2 sound events Dark or Light)
- Presence & Rsonnance common for all channels.


Configuration Wizard, and simple enough to quickly find the right sounds. The manual is rather light but I RPTE, there is no real difficulty in using


Of course! This head should be totally my style of music, I mainly play for which she dedicates, rock, hard rock, blues, ... . His versatility can address almost any style. I think it's clear orientation Premire. She has potential and with a well stocked guitar pickups at the pleasure is up (that said, if your log is less well at the micro level rises, you'll also fun but whatever for this head or another, all the elements of the chain are important).

In short, in the clean channel and even if it does not availing oneself of the personality of others in its category confrres of our black canvas we offer beautiful sounds with the little cherry voicing that position by sending us a more modern or more "boutique" with medium rather more presents (... I love it!)

The first overdrive channel starts with the tone depending on the gain knob position but also by the level of output prampli (volume) is heated, singing and ringing in your shovel records from a crunch dj good waffle overdrive the equivalent temprature oil fryer fries your hut prefers rush hour! I take this opportunity to emphasize an important point in the presence of channels is a volume for each channel plus the master. This allows some beautiful but also rglages and that in some intressant, play reasonably at home, without cracking the ceiling that your beautiful pre-finished LATEST week! Certainly a volume rgl a little low will tend to stifle the supply of animal but we can not have it either (well, if a power limiter original ...).

The second channel Overdrive. L is a vamp, one passes the speed multimdia, Lesz harmonics already well dchanent presents itself, the apparent phrass dpotent solos. And the amp retains its sonority his character rock wild steppes. I would say that overall the sounds are more vintage and less modern than some, it's what I like personally. So it is not really into the sound of a modern mesa, but with a rglage of Behind the bundles it is possible to be surprised by the possibilities of the craft.

As is without effect supplmentaires the HT 100 come already offers a great range of sounds, but if like me you have a group that is also in the register of times you can be add effect either the pallet and flies away.


I use it for two months and it is a pure pleasure. A head that fits in a range of average price range (semi-pro or amateurs. Personally I bought the 4x12 cabinet associated with it (celestion 80), but I would also push a 2x12 (celestion v30) and the two config will rob him.

Level finish and look is impeccable, well finished with its own vintage ts, he makes his weight but nothing serious, the 4x12 is something else (like all what cab ...). Comes with a footswitch to quality with a cable length correct (I say this because of his little brother the HT-5 I also availing oneself ...). I personally wish to have the footswitch on the possibility of moving from a voicing the other is possible if one adds the FS-4, but so far as to do all the same would t nicer. A regulation of the focus gain on the clean channel would also apprciable t, but ... everyone know the crmire, her smile, her ass ..., do not push the price this:)

I also availing oneself of a Fender Deville that I still use regularly to suit my needs, but the versatility and sonority of Blackstar do that right now is my main amp.

Blackstar makes very good products and they prove it for some time. The rest is a matter of ear, the sounds character dlivr the amp will please some and not others, but one thing is certain there is nothing really sharp reproach, this award and what the quality level I re sign with both hands for sure!