Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H
Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H

HT Studio 20H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

kyzcawon 09/22/2014

Blackstar Amplification HT Studio 20H : kyzcawon's user review

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One jack input with built-in FX loop. Possibility to connect 8- or 16-ohm speakers.

25 watts (tube) with a good amp reverb.

The amp is very versatile, from blues to aggressive rock.


It's very easy to dial in, in my opinion. You can get a good sound relatively fast :)


It's perfect for my style of music, hard rock, rock, rock 'n' roll. To play metal I use a pedal to have more distortion.


I've been using it for three years now, I tried some Vox and Marshall amps, but I like Blackstar because it's more of an underdog brand that deserves some serious attention.