Budda MN100 Mark Nason Signature
Budda MN100 Mark Nason Signature

MN100 Mark Nason Signature, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Budda.

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[NAMM] Budda MN-100 & MN-412 Available

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Budda Amplification announces the availability of the Budda MN-100 and MN-412, a three-channel tube guitar amplifier head and 4x12 enclosure, featuring a custom Italian leather exterior by footwear designer Mark Nason.

The Budda MN-100 is a high-gain amplifier featuring three independent channels, a 120-watt power section driven by four EL34 tubes, and a preamp consisting of seven dual triode 12AX7 tubes.


The MN-100 also features dual 5U4 rectifier tubes and a solid-state rectifier, with Budda's PowerPan variable rectification control that allows players to select tube rectification, diode rectification or anywhere between the two.


All three of the Budda MN-100's independent channels - Clean, Rhythm and Lead - include separate three-band EQ, Reverb, Resonance, Presence, and true bypass effects loop with send and return levels. Each channel also features OVER-BOOST, a stompbox-style lead boost that engages an additional tube-driven gain circuit to give players a supercharged boost.


The included nine-button foot controller switches all three channels digitally via MIDI, effects loops and OVER-BOOST functions, as well as Master Reverb and Master Boost, which is a second Master Volume control that can be used to boost the overall volume of the amp.


The Budda MN-100 also features a half-power switch for operating the amplifier in either 60- or 120-watt mode. The back panel features an amplifier chain section with power-amp inputs and a slave output, impedance selector and MIDI input and output for use in MIDI-switching rigs. The matching MN-412 enclosure features four Budda Phat 12 loudspeakers and Mark Nason leather covering.


MN-100 Head

  • 120 watts into 16, 8 or 4 ohms with half-power switch
  • 3 channels: clean, rhythm and lead
  • 4xEL34 120w power section, 7x12AX7 preamp section and 2x5U4G rectifier tubes
  • Power amp can use 6L6Gc or EL34 tubes (plus KT66, KT88 5881 and 6CA7 with re-biasing)
  • Rectifier can use 5U4, 5AR4 or GZ34 tubes
  • Half-power switch for operating the amplifier in either 60 or 120 watt mode
  • Patent-pending PowerPan™ rectifier selector knob
  • Custom Italian leather covering by Mark Nason®
  • Separate three-band passive EQ on each channel
  • Separate Resonance & Presence controls on each channel
  • Master Volume and Master Boost
  • OVER-BOOST™ stompbox-style lead boost on each channel
  • Separate spring reverb control on each channel
  • High and low level ¼" inputs
  • Slave output/Power amp input
  • Separate true bypass effects loops on each channel with send and return level adjustments; the channel 2 effects loop can be used as global loop
  • MIDI control over channel switching with MIDI input and thru jacks
  • Silent LDR MIDI channel switching
  • Multi-function MIDI footswitch included
  • Made in the USA

MN-412 Enclosure

  • Custom Italian leather covering by Mark Nason
  • Four custom-designed 12" Budda Phat loudspeakers
  • Solid pine with finger-jointed corners
  • Closed back
  • Made in the USA


For more, visit Budda Amplification.

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