balzamo 11/15/2013

Carvin X-100B : balzamo's user review

«  Excellent!! »

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Tube amp from 1990 4 EL34 and three 12AX7
100W (swith to reduce power 100, 50 and 25W)
2 inputs Low and High
Effects loop
HP outputs 4, 8, 16 ohms
Line out
switch on the 12AX7 gain 4, 0 and -10 db


super simple.
the equalizer band is really effective if you want to be very precise can dig the sound, conventional knobs I leave at 5.
a clean channel (rhythm) denies even with a very difficult to cruncher volume.
a lead channel supported a master aviator to enter hi gain.
a presence knob that stuck me.
the bottom bracket is used to switch from clean to lead, to initiate the effects loop, and put the reverb (spring)


I play everything on funck, pop, hard 80/90, reggae, blues and rock, to metal pedal essential. the base is super clean after his working with the knobs and guitar effects pedals and then I spend on lead channel and its tears.
you can play at low volume, I set the power to 50% of lead laster 10 the lead to 3 guitar volume to 3 or 2 and I rediscovered my guitars.
you can also go with a pedal distortion or fuzz Direct output preamp and you have a master volume that allows heat lamps.
I play a lot in clean through my dunlop crybaby, jekyll and hide (and ditto overd the DigiDelay a biyang reverb, fuzz a star baby of biyang.j 'always manages to have the sound I want. and when I want it sends on the solis passage lead veiled.
I return to the presence gives a real atmosphere, and spring reverb that I push background for a typed his surfing so go to the pedal if we want more.
voila, the top is clean I prefer the mesa and fender especially strong that even he does not move pas.apres can do what you want but for the metal hyper modern style, hard core I did play not.But c is not my thing so ...


I use it for 2 months, my teacher who sold it to me for 400 €
I changed because his body with the carpet it was not. it is I made a brand new steel type with a grid (I put a link) gauze-
and I changed the 12ax 7 lead to a ruby ​​ac5 hg +, largely decrease the body which is great ....