rexbegonia 02/01/2009

Carvin X-100B : rexbegonia's user review


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Amp lamps 1988 (ds my case 4 6L6 and 3 12AX7)
100W (rduire swith to the power 50 and 25W)
2 between Low and High
Effects loop
HP Output 4, 8, 16 ohms
Line out

Graphic equalizer, reverb, bright ...


Simple configuration, and two channels rhythym Lead (with more for the Tagus lead). EQ, greened, and prsence common for both channels, assignable graphic legalization either clean or lead. No master volume. Attention to this amp effects loop works only with the footswitch connected. (The only major inconvnient, and as the FS36 is almost not found now, I have to buy a replacement footswitch voodooman in the United States, trs well done for that matter).
The manual is available online via, it is not useful for forcment use the amp is fairly intuitive like most amps.


I played with a Vigier Excalibur Special and a baffle TT Rex Eminence Governor in Mt.
I play a ds progressive rock band and it really suits what we do.
The clear sound with the mic on serious Vigier (Dimarzio Paf Pro) fell to the ground, really beautiful, bright switch does not sound too bright and fine. What j'apprcie is clear that the channel is clear, no (or little) of crunch when pushing the volume, even if with Vigier between High and began be dirty.
The lead is effective and trs possde an impressive gain level, I play 8 of the drive without the Hi-Gain switch engaged. The sound is between Marshall and Boogie, 70's rock plutt only modern rock (like Engl or Diezel), but the legalization chart to sculpt the sound his own way (like V-mtalleux legalization).


I use it for some months, the Us bought for a price drisoire, it's really a good deal.
The most: the sound clear, distortion, the legalization graphic
Cons: equalization policy, effects loop that works only with the switch.
I tried an Engl screamer combo and a combo Boogie Express without being captured and aligned Carvin no problem.
Carvin makes really good amp for much cheaper than its competitors, too bad they is not better known in France is a good alternative to Marshall, Fender and Boogie.
Note that they come out to, to hear: