CHAM-NEwTT 09/17/2010

Diezel VH-4 : CHAM-NEwTT's user review


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Compatible with all power tubes: EL34, KT77, KT88, 6L6, 6550 ... Me I'm EL34

Effects loops;
- 1 per channel (each triggerable by noon)
- 1 parallel (knob dedicated volume)
- 1 series - one I use with my mpxG2

4-channel preamp with separate distinct:
- That turns a clean crunch when pushed to the bottom
- A surprising crunch as beautiful thick granular, dynamic ...
- 1 big compressed audio overdrive typed = the atomic frigged!
- 1 lead, or distorted the orgy that I use only for effects

1 EQ + flight + gain per channel

Typing in a deep 80Hz and a presence in 4KHz very very effective on the power stage.
A master, a mute.


Setup is very simple, very effective and easily accessible.

The manual goes to basics with a fun tone.

One branch heads, even with adjustments' to the con ", the sound is monumental.


That's what I do: / tagueuleminus

When I plugged in and tested for the first faith in rehearsal, I just do not understand how much it might stick without making a prior adjustment.

The clean (a real clean) is simply beautiful and I enjoy to use it with many massed effects.
The crunch is amazing! blues, stoner, rock like acdc ... All that can be played with this channel.
Channel 3 = massive sound I needed. You can change depending on your needs. The grain is monstrous. ; Thick and precise while. Surly, FABULOUS.
Channel 4: very compressed. Not seem useful unless you like extreme music (death etc ...) or sounds "solo". I do not use that for + distortion effects and it's magic!

I play Gibson SG Ibanez Sabre and prestige. 2 very different guitars. it works very well.

The head is connected to a mesa 4X12 V30. Perfect.


I've had a short week. I am filled mostly with the midi interface very easy to use. That's what drove me to the point of sale to buy the roadster mesaboogie VH4.

When I got my hands, I immediately managed to find the sound I wanted. It fits very well in the spontaneous group. This head is perfect for me.

The rock god gave me faith in my condition as a guitarist in search of her.
Peter Diezel thank you for this beautiful item!

Friends guitarists, the only flaw of this head is its price unthinkable for our scholarships. But it's worth it!