Eagletone Raging 5H
Eagletone Raging 5H

Raging 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Eagletone.

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doudou45240 09/21/2012

Eagletone Raging 5H : doudou45240's user review

«  very good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp head all tube, 2 channels
One 12AX7 (preamp) for one EL84 power stage.
5 watts of power
1 input jack 6.35 front, bass medium treble. And especially a standby, rare in this range.
Effects loop, 2 outputs for speakers.
Comes with footswitch bright / saturated.


Configuration is childish, fortunately because manual is a poor page!
This gives a good sound quickly.


I play mostly blues, rockabily, and I love the grain it offers, quite fleshy when it is hot.
My comments and my notes reflect the price ok?
With a Telecaster, and jaguar (single coils both vintage) sound is crystalline, pure, it complies with the slamming of the first side and "surf guitar" the Jag. Really nice.
For Texas blues, do not worry either, it goes crunch channel, and there is. With a Fender Strat Alnico V vintage nothing wrong, it's clean, gain 3 or 4 max.
With noiseless pickups and Clapton asset returns are clear, and it is really stunning. The preamp guitar does a good job on it, and knob tone too. Fortunately, because eq. the amp is very very limited.
Go, ES 335? Perfect, nice and round. Do not hesitate to push the volume to be grainy and heat, and control from the guitar.
It's hard to believe that only 5 Watts.
Behind the effects loop is doing its job, it is rather transparent, but there is no volume knob.


I've had a year and I use 3 hours per day for my classes.

I tried the combo version from a friend, and we skim everything that was less than 300 € including cabinet lights and in hybrids. I did not want a modeling amp. I had not found the best at the time for more money. So ...

The best: The sound is very clear, it is quite light and strong. Over 1500 hours of use ignitions 1000 / standby / extinctions, and not spitting, no decrease in sound quality. Lamps hold up. But I let it warm standby before putting watts.
The more heat, the more it is round, grainy, bluesy, like a little lamp, whatever.
The look is nice, nice logo, in English.
It is very exploitable without getting angry with neighbors, even when they are beginners playing. And I played pub carefree follows.

That I blame him: he has no reverb. That's it. Otherwise, in this price range, it seems hard to beat.
It is clearly not made for Metal, yet with a good pedal, it can be a little toy, even if it is not his thing.
The price / quality ratio seems excellent, and I am not convinced that the latest amps bring out much.

I'll buy another, probably a vintage Fender + attenuator, but I will keep it, unless finances forced me to sell it.
I would do it without hesitation Coix.
Config. Head + cabinet offers a big plus compared to the combo, the sound level.