Eagletone Raging 5H
Eagletone Raging 5H

Raging 5H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Eagletone.

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Thierry_25 12/18/2010

Eagletone Raging 5H : Thierry_25's user review

«  its lights for cheap »

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Head tube amp
5W into 8 or 16 Ohms
1x 12AX7 and 1x EL84 amp in for power
6.35 per instrument input jack
Input / Output Effects Loop Jack 6.35
HP ports 1x or 2x 8 Ohm 16 Ohm, jack 6.35
Switch "standby" to limit wear on the lamps
3 band EQ Bass / Mid / Treble
Clean channel: volume control
Channel "Drive" setting volume gain +

Overall very basic, but it is the philosophy of this type of amp.


Is a very basic amp, so do not worry configuration.
The manual is very basic but not necessary anyway.

The problems begin when one wants to make adjustments:
- The Bass EQ has an effect on the sound on 25% of the stroke of knob
- The Mid EQ has almost no effect on the sound
- The Treble EQ works correctly
- The Drive channel gain is much too sensitive, beyond 25% of the stroke knob, the sound becomes very saturated and 50% of the race it's Heavy Trash Metal Hardcore!

Once we have understood the intricacies of the settings, there is not too difficult to get a good sound, simply the skill to be a slight saturation, it is played in 10% of stroke knob gain. I'm


Putôt in Rock and sound of this amp is perfect for this style is vintage enough.

Clean sound is very clear with lots of dynamics.
Sound Drive is not too bad provided the right amount of gain.

Tried with a Lag Roxanne 1000, it is excellent.
I also use it as a amp for my bass work on the clean channel, it sounds great with a baffle Ashdown 410 T Deep. Hard to believe that only 5W under the hood! Obviously we should not try to send heavy on stage with this config, but I prefer the sound of this little amp than my Ashdown MAG 300 EVO II 300W, Ashdown is the next draft.

I also have a small speaker 10 "Eagletone that I bought with very correct for the price (60 € if taken with the amp).

Also, a little breathless, but nothing unusual for this type of amp.

If the drive channel was better designed, I would have a higher mark.


I've had two weeks.

Before, I used a VOX AD15VT but I found the sound a bit too "artificial" and metallic. This little amp is 5W less versatile than the Vox, but I find its really enjoyable.

I love the clean sound, too bad the EQ and gain control of its drive to be poorly designed.

I think the great price value. There are obviously better, but much more expensive. In the same price range, I only see the Epiphone Valve Junior, but it is less well (no setting possible).

I wanted a working amplifier low power and sounds good, the Raging Eagletone 5H fills that role perfectly. I do not regret my purchase.
It is a good alternative to a transistor amp if you do not need a high power. A true