Egnater Rebel-20
Egnater Rebel-20
misterbar 09/03/2012

Egnater Rebel-20 : misterbar's user review

«  absolutely monstrous! »

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From USA, just read the page info to know these characteristics. The only interesting point may be to deepen the presence of EL84 6V6 + (roughly speaking marshall / mesa). A potentiometer allows setting up a subtle mixture of these two types of sound => very very nice.

To be difficult, includes a reverb would have been appreciated.


head amp has 6 buttons, from there, you just imagine that it is not very complex!

one watt buttons adjusts the wattage, in addition to the master. it has a little confusing but after a few hours of use, the shade is noted.


very clean in clean sounds, overdriven sounds great as his.

rather I play blues / jazz and rendered is exceptional. It just animate small rooms it is plugged into the 2 * 12, and in all cases harmful to your relationship with neighbors if you live in an apartment.


In this price range, I highly recommend this head for my taste surpasses those of competitors in marshall (including haze and Class5). The discovery of this brand is for me a great pleasure

this brand is the evidence the united states and is based in France recently, its price could rise in the next few years.