Egnater Rebel-20
Egnater Rebel-20
NicolasD 12/30/2010

Egnater Rebel-20 : NicolasD's user review

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baubbbbbi have already listed their characteristics and having an opinion full and fair enough, I invite you to reread what he has already written (I'm lazy;))
Failure, but the game works is that it is single channel. It is no longer a studio amp, unless you're playing with one sound on stage (which is, you will agree, very rare).
It's a shame because it really is portable, small, lightweight, with a bag that has the mouth and pockets with side strips seem just a bit and could tear over time ... yes I like to quibble:)
Good point for the effects loop (the one that works), other amps of this type do not.
And another good point as to the connection of any cab, very good +, especially in the studio, which is normally its main use.
And note also the change in voltage for those who run the U.S. ... ;)
He missed something, but necessarily for its size and weight, it is still shielded options.


Very simple to understand, no feints.
The manual is great and I encourage everyone to read it despite the simplicity of the device. Why? Simply because it gives advice adjustments aimed right.
At least in Egnater they know and understand their products.
I discovered the extent of the possibilities of this amp by reading the manual, is rare enough to be reported.


We can draw a lot from this amp but not all
Jazz? ... It's easy to get a clear sound muffled and dull but well defined.
Country? ... Playing with the EQ and staying on the 6V6 can get clean sounds very bright (especially with the switch "bright") fenderiens enough.
Blues? ... With a slight crunch, bold or sharp, it goes under any kind of blues.
Pop? Rock? ... It is perfect classic rock to hard rock, with reminiscences Marshallian.
Metal -.... hm ... no, it will not do. It comes close but it clearly lacks earning and even with the "tight" on, it's not really "tight" for this style of music.

Excellent choice of wattage. Baubbbbbi is right for compression 1W. But beware, it will not please everyone. There are some who find it flattering and others who will feel that he does not at all.

Another thing I was pleasantly surprise: not a breath. When I plug my cabs on my Mesa 2:90 or my Marshall JVM, if it does not blow, it still produces a slight hum. Here, nothing, absolutely nothing.

For solos, I advocate the addition of a pedal. Finally, for those whose Legato are not always clear (just like me;)). The popping sound, even if it is not tight, is still accurate and it will not forgive the bread, even with the gain completely.

I read here and there it was not powerful enough. In this format, believe me, it's overkill. It broadly covers a group if necessary. I am professional and I play live at least once a week. From experience I know that bars and small clubs have a limited tolerance with regard to the volume. In 20W (and even 1W) he disassembles the ear of any drummer. But again, its main use remains the studio.

As for my opinion on the JVM Marshall, I've tried in many conditions with different cabs and different guitars (from the cheap to the custom shop, single coils and humbuckers etc. ...). I try to make my opinion as objective as possible. Strangely, I find much more interesting coupled to a stratum with simple, even with this guitar is that I really take my foot on it.


I bought it because I had tried it by chance in a shop in a backwater of the USA. Initially I was interested in the guitar but once I started playing, I was so surprised by the sound for that format that I began to turn its buttons. It does not really surprise sellers, these big evil is done on purpose to try the guitars on it ...

Certainly this is not the first mini amp head (there was the Tiny Terror and Nighttrain before), nor the last (Blackstar, Marshall, Mesa Boogie ... then).
What I see is that this is one of the most complete, smaller, and which sounds best.
For comparison, I tried the Transatlantic Mesa. Although the manufacture and aesthetics are good, I did not like the sound or the "options" and more a matter of taste, no doubt.
The Tiny Terror is too dull for me even if it is one of the best.
The Nighttrain sounds great but it is not as complete as the Egnater.

But finally, a mini head, is it a gadget, especially compared to amplifiers "normal" for the same price?
Yes and no, in any case, it affects a small number of guitarists.
For someone who wants a home use, it will be very well although I recommend for beginners. Indeed, it is not necessary that the concept makes us forget the price because at that price, you can find complete combos, really usable in your room or on stage and even pre-amps Used absolutely brilliant as Triaxis ( if so, I've seen).
It will be perfect for hard rock singer who has never heard of it clear to the musician who is required to travel frequently for meetings (but still does it really?) Or the guitarist who seek a fair credible alternative to Marshall, Fender and Mesa Boogie.

Come on, even as small and light but with 3 channels dedicated and good output HP emulated and it will be the best all-time head of the universe. But this is impossible. Bruce Egnater albeit ...

(I just see the reviews of Blackstar HT5 and Engl Gigmaster, it is close to my wish since they are 2 channel and include an emulation of HP but it still lacks features truly unique to Rebel 20 and make it so Interestingly, the choice of power, lamps, HP and the effects loop. No, nothing to say, in general, the Rebel 20 is one of the best, if not the best amplifier in its class ).