Egnater Rebel-20
Egnater Rebel-20
baubbbbbi 03/27/2009

Egnater Rebel-20 : baubbbbbi's user review


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Single-channel 20-watt all-tube with a Contrle down to 1 watt.
Amplified by 2x6V6 and 2xEL84 which you can mix the use and 3x12AX7.
Two switches operate on tight and bright sound.
Qualisation a 3-band, 1 Master 1 Gain 1 Watt 1 Mix control.
An effects loop.
Power, Standby.
Output 4, 8, 16 ohms
Comes with carrying case, it is very small, the same size as a Blackheart Little Giant but 1/3 lower.


Brilliant realization, the configuration is simple just turn the knobs.
All contrles are active and affect the sound.
The effects loop has a problem with a series of permanent static noise.
It takes two switcher resistances of pcb loop to remove this anomaly recognized by Bruce Egnater.
So 9 for default.
(The default as now corrected ... I put 10)


The amp is very musical base, more musical will make it by changing prampli lamps. Power lamps are all, 6V6 and EL84, JJ rebadges therefore say anything about it.
With diffrentes configurations we get a variety of sounds intressantes.
The cleans are pretty, bright making the very good job he ais obtain crystalline cleans even with humbuckers. The sound is sweet of origin.
Saturations cover the classic Marshall grain (AC / DC), EVH by activating the switch thight and by putting in 1 watt finally a modern grain by increasing the gain simply. I did not test with conventional humbuckers.
When power drops to 1 watt position there is a compression which makes it prcis grain.
The switch thight enlve the harschy cot sound of saturation or lmentaire combination to obtain a sound typ EVH thight + 6V6 + 1 watt.

One complaint ... a lack of clarity to achieve perfection, see the power tubes. (Everything is relative, I found a very low default go unnoticed for some especially if you have a cab evil cabl)


The effects loop that corrects t the only complaint I have him concern a lack of clarity. At the same time the Americans apprcient well pais sounds and this lack of clarity tends to disappear just when mounting the volume. I need to test new power tubes brighter than JJ. (I am looking for ...)
9 So, if it's a brilliant realization on the part of Bruce Egnater confirming its brilliant engineer status.
A rgal play against it by a single channel so for the scene ...