ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head
ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head

E625 Fireball 60 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Fireball series.

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comment-tu-dis? 06/24/2004

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head : comment-tu-dis?'s user review


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- Amp lamps 60 watts, 4 12AX7, 2 6L6GC
- Rglages: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Master A, Master B
- Switch facade: Bright, Depth, Ultra gain
- Effects loop variable SERIES / parallle (not switchable)
- Outputs: pdalier switch (optional) or Z-3 Z-4 speaker: 1 x 8, 2 x 8, 1 x 16, 2 x 16 ohms

The quality of manufacture and finish is impressive for an amp of this price. Amme is right a system that tube-monitoring that protects the amplifier in case of lamp and warn dfaillante through an LED.


- The eq is not enough prcise. It is used when trsdstabilisant amps o knobs of the race is trsractives. The knob of Prsence it is quite effective, but there are few cons diffrence between the low places in the middle or bottom ... and unfortunately, I have the patience to spend hours rgler an amp ...

- The saturation is without compromise. Level switchage channel: one passes immediately clear sound an extreme saturation. No of 2. And unfortunately, I have met together to problem levels between the two sounds (not pal-ing with his APRS). This is to the Systm switchage of the amp: there is only one common EQ (including gain) shared by two Master Volumes A and B. The pdalier only allows two switches to move from A B (button 1) or to initiate / dsenclancher the saturation (button 2). So for a dj volume spar light / saturation should switch the two buttons at the same time. I find it trs ill-conceived and impractical for players who need to vary the sounds the amp. + From the eq of my clean sounds nothing to do with that of my Satus ...


I coupled this head a cabinet Marshall 1960AX load of 1971 with a pair of Greenbacks (the original) and a pair of Century Vintage rcente. The quality of manufacture of the baffle has nothing do with the current standards Marshall. Much more safe, the measurements are slightly differ.

Dj must be taken into account zik style that I practice, which, although sr, is facing trial Determines that I wear. I am the emo-core and what research is above all an amp's versatility (bcp alternating clean / saturation). In terms of sound it is what I play.

- The sound is clear trs good. I like because it is clean and right trs (trs hard to saturate even with a HB in my case). We can afford (which is my case) those wild o the clear sound that would be difficult with other amplifiers (eg Mesa).. Rigor can blame him not to be trs "typquot, but for me it goes well and has enough scope to ensure in a lot of records.
- The saturation is HUGE. This is the highlight of this amp. The level of gain as I Rarem seen on an amp (I dare not even imagine with a 12AX7 EI). INTERESTED what is it that comes fully exploit the avalanche gain because the sound does not bleed and remains all the same though Dfine (palm mute lovers apprcieront).

I am a little dsaccord with some things that have t say I do not classify in either the Mesa CATEGORY let alone Marshall. The saturation of the Engl has the personality with a bump in the important high-mids. It is clearly the Metal, but for me, but does not ring Neo + heavy.


I no longer have this amp ... APRS I sold about 1 year of use for the worries of use numrs above. I pass an H & K Triamp arsolu that all these problems.

For a more comfortable, I recommend that the Powerball plutt possde 2 eq spares ...

That's my opinion on the Engl. Can I blame him it may be of some dtail (a do not call into question the quality of sound) but for me aa t enough to make me Gnant Sparer me ....