Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII

TriAmp MKII, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the TriAmp series.

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stève obaton 01/03/2007

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII : stève obaton's user review


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3 amps, 2 channel amp.
On the data sheet, everything is already well said in prcdents opinion.


Config super simple, very intuitive, an amp, what !!
Big sound, light, bright, bold, is right now, it is then enough to rgler the equalizer and the gain of each channel according to their taste and the round is played.
Please note the homogeneity volume unites the different channels. A small Dtail this, history find something wrong. There are two gains but a volume per amp.
In its saturated I use channel 1 for power chords, for example (half gain), and channel 2 for solos (cross gain). I wish I could ride a little more gain of channel 1, but up the sound, so you turn the volume down and suddenly, Channel 2 is not strong enough. To my taste, it would take a volume spar per channel. When will the head "sixamp"?


The head is plugged into a Mesa Boogie 2X12 correct. I play mostly rock and pop rock variety, I have two Lag (Roxanne and Louisiana). The Seymour Duncan snapped hard on the head. That happiness.
It is my opinion the most versatile head that I tried. The clean sounds are of a purity tural crmeux wish the crunch when the saturations, they pierce you literally.
Good hrtique that I am, I even plug my Takamine electroaccoustique on the clean channel. Sacrilege !!! After recording via microphone, even ing of her ask me how I get this presence and this heat ...


I tried other models in Brunetti and Mesa Boogie. They make very good products more typs my opinion, but that does not suit me, for against the versatility of the Triamp perhaps not please everyone.
I also tried the head on a 4X12 marshall 1960, I have not liked. So choose your cabinet also good.
I have this config for 3 months and I have no regrets, I do it again the same choice. That said, almost 4000 config (list price), you better be satisfied. Fortunately, my contacts in the mtier allowed me to save almost 50% of the cost.
At these price levels, it is really better be passionate and / or rich, does not prevent one another and especially have comprhensives companions ... Thank CHRIE.