Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII

TriAmp MKII, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the TriAmp series.

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iamqman 07/15/2011

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII : iamqman's user review

« Flagship amplifier!! »

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Hughes and Kettner is a great German company that has been building unique looking amps for some time now. There most common amps are their Tri amp which has a glowing front panel that light up around the control knobs. They also have a see through plexi glass front panel where you can see inside the amp. Now many builders have been using that feature but I believe Highes and Kettner are the ones who made is famous.

This is their flagship amplifier. This is the go to amp for the guys at Hughes and Kettner headquarters. This amp has 3 channels with six mode in between. You can go from sparkly clean Fender tones to blaze metal tones with just a click of foot switch. Same tone at the Alex Lifeson model without the croc tolex and purple lights. This one has standard black tolex and a blue light background.


Channels 1A: Vintage Californian Clean, 1B: Vintage British Clean, 2A: Classic British Rock, 2B: Vintage British Rock, 3A: British Hot Rodded, 3B: Modern Californian Hi Gain
Power 100 Watts
Poweramp 4x EL34
Preamp 9x 12AX7
Effects Loop serial/parallel
MIDI built in
Footswitch/Stageboard 7-way Stageboard TriAmp included
Switching Functions 3x Amp, 3x Channel, 1x FX
Special Features RED BOX built in
Speaker Outputs 1x 4 Ohms, 1x 8/2x 16 Ohms, 1x16 Ohms
Suggested Speaker Cabinet CC 412 A/B 25, CC 412 A/B 30, CC 412 WA30
Protective Cover included
Dimensions 750 x 340 x 256 mm
Weight 22 kg/49 lbs


This is a great tonal masterpiece. This amp has three channels and six modes. Each channel has two different modes of operation. For the clean you can get a nice Fender like clean and click the next mode you'll get a British style clean much like a Marshall plexi. On the second channel you have a crunch channel. The first mode is a classic rock tone from a Marshall style voiced amp. Next you have then a hot rodded tone from a Marshall style amp. This gets you great vinatge classic rock tones for music such as AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. The third and final channel you get over the top gain and distortion. The first mode is a hot rodded British gain for most hard rock and metal. Then to top it all off you have an insane amount of gain for the second mode. This mode is for modern playing or dripped tuning. Great for modern metal and hard rock.


At new these amps come in at around $2799, which is a great price for a boutique quality amp with three channels of operation. This is a bit higher than the regular Triamp, but this one is the signature so sports little higher price.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a good versatile amp for gigging or practicing at home. If you do a lot of cover songs then this is the perfect amp for those needs.