Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII

TriAmp MKII, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the TriAmp series.

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vince_lebowski 07/02/2007

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII : vince_lebowski's user review


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100W all-tube amp (9 x 12AX7, 4 x EL34)
3 amps, six separate channels

bass, mid, treble adjustable for each amp
A gain for each channel (6), a master for each amp (3)
A presence and an overall master general.

connectors for external effects loop (FX loop with adjustable mix)
connectors for external volume pedal (preamp out, power amp in)
A red box for integrated pro taken direct sound (mixing table)
Switch 50W/100W

Bracket 1 7 buttons (6 channels + FX)


Configuring facade "could not be more simple" ...

you still have to spend a few hours earlier (or even weeks if you're looking really good) before finding the sound that best suits his style for each channel. But given the magnitude and quality of the sounds he can get, it's worth it to give himself the trouble ... all wins ...

you have to also pay attention to the differences between each power amplifier in order to have a sound as homogeneous as possible when changing channels.

the manual is clear and the settings of the amplifier are instinctively everything is in front if it does not add connectors effects or external volume control.


Should I think about all styles of guitar music and when you use the right combination triamp / speaker / microphones guitar.

I personally use most often with a Washburn N4 relics (Nuno Bettencourt model) and an Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard (Gibson pickups Burstbucker II and III), coupled with a Marshall 1960TV 4x12 cabinet (G12M Greenback 15W (100W 16 Ohm) .
And it spits hard ...
This head is extremely versatile.
I find all the sounds that I like: clean of the perfect bluesy, to classic rock sounds (style Marshall, Mesa Boogie) to a saturation that is the most brutal (Channel 2, Amp 3).

The sound is simply magnificent and for me one of the best on the market for a single head (I have not tried all the existing amp heads but not one that I like most of those I've heard today).
The presence of the sound is amazing when playing in groups. I'm not talking about volume, but more sound pressure. This receiver requires it strong balance even at moderate volume and goes extremely well with all other instruments.

I am amazed at the quality of the sounds of this amp head.
I see no complaints on this issue ...


I use it several times a week for a little over 2 years now (May 2005) without any concern for reliability.

The big advantage is that whatever the channel, gain and volume used, saturation is extremely "untied." The sound does not bleed on the notes ...
However this feature is that the triamp remains difficult to play. I was a little confused at first, especially in the solos. The sound is so clean that it does not forgive the questions about feeling. Once the beast under control, it is only happiness ...

But that's what makes its strength, this really clean retransmits the nuances of the game and it is difficult to come back to another amp, if not as good, without finding a critical re ...

With experience, I would do this choice with his eyes closed if the price remained the same there 2 years ... quality / price ratio given the undeniable sound. But beware, the price tends to soar in recent months, inflation hello music.

I must say that if I could have this amp head before, I certainly would not so much hung in the rigorous musical adaptation and she asked me after 10 years of practice guitar. You have to work before making what you want.

Perspective reproaches:
1) that the module MSM-1 (midi interface card) is optional.
Is sold at the price this amp, H & K would have put it straight in at the expense of the red box which is not necessary, given the microphones made that one can do with ...
It takes about 100 euros to upgrade the card MSM-1 (used to change channels and FX straight from the multi-purpose), but it's worth it to do, it's really convenient. Not rocket science, it mounts easily, taking care to remove the head and not break it. Only the system of plexi glass / neon to be careful not to break or not to scratch the wound (sore point requiring the presence of two persons to facilitate the development ...).

2) there is no reverb built into the head (while triamp I have one).