Laney GH100L
Laney GH100L

GH100L, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the GH series.

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pukhammet 07/15/2005

Laney GH100L : pukhammet's user review


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All lamps, clear characters have already been exposed
100 W in 1 or 2 X 16, 8 or 4 ohms (dc good for all types of hps!)
Basic settings,

MONO CHANNEL (you can not use it without too many effects pedals, unless you take the time to change the setting by hand, from ent saturated, for example, but it was good at home! )


Config play: in tt and tt 7 pots and 4 buttons.

This gives the sound you want easily, if you know well (but that's always the same thing!)

WARNING this is not an amp is to play in his room! 100 w lamp, ca spits at level 2 master volume and as such an amp needs to be pushed hard to show its value, it is perfect for a repeat with a drummer's arm lumberjack or concerts j'usqu'à about 500 people.

Warm clear sound, a bit too if the setting was not done very precisely, a good gloss (Resonance knob on or off, nice!)
equalizer operates much of the sound, unlike many amps.

Its super saturated appreciable crunch blues with the saturation type thrash metal (fuckin'talica!) What a little fatty for my taste the crunch.

Manuel not know ...


I play with pieces ranging from gypsy jazz to trash, and I read very satisfied, but if the clean sounds are good, its strong point is still the fat saturation, it is dug in media or not.
I jou with a yam, a foot zoom gfx 5 and a pod 2.0, I plug my even strtacoustique it from time to time and the sound is great!

attention, for the home studio, do not transplant before the microwave cabinet with this amp, it emits a light breath, but still hard to make them disappear after registration.


Over the past year
strong point sounds different and good quality
weakness: weight and size (15 kg!), single channel

Exellent value for money for my style of play, maispour the same price, you can get clean sounds etcrunch better quality amp with a little more neutral.