Laney GH50L Discontinued
Laney GH50L Discontinued

GH50L Discontinued, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the GH series.

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dah_16 04/06/2006

Laney GH50L Discontinued : dah_16's user review


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Everything has been said
Note that there are two finishes: modern (dark corners, not chrome, black cloth, not gray) and classic
I have the modern
lamps of Origin: Sovtek 5881 power, replaced by Electro Harmonix 6L6 on mine
Sovtek 12AX7 preamp in
saw the tab EL34/6L6 BIAS

I put 8 because the components are all first quality
but manufacturing is nikel (made in england) ft. it has a good face!


As simple as a JCM800
I share the opinions of my predecessors, no need to repeat


Of 212 in baffle celestion and guitars Tone Zone / Paf Pro (ibanez PGM, Vigier Excalibur, mainly Fender Start)

this head is going everywhere
pretty clean, pure and warm, although musical
The crunch, however, is too marked british for my taste but it is very dynamic and well-drilled mix
the full, I expect it has as much gain! the bulk metal has Zakk Wylde going smoothly
even if the grain is accurate and does not bleed, it will be rather more difficult to obtain its type progressive metal, unless the couple can be a grafik EQ on the head?

I put 8 as the channel saturated breath a lot, as much as a 5150 ...


I use it for two years, she serves me for my two groups: one of blues rock and death metal.
I appreciate it for its appearance versatile and large enough headroom. over the price is more than attractive! value for money is simply unbeatable
despite the rumors about the reliability of Laney GH and VH, I have never had a problem, yet I bought it second hand and I use it 2 hours a day and repeated 5 hours a week! over 2 years that makes for hours on the clock
it was my head all prmeiere lamps, and for that price, I would be really stupid not to repeat the choice if I had!