Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current]
Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current]
freddy09 01/11/2011

Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current] : freddy09's user review

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100 watt all-tube !!

tuning a bit complex because everything happens live on higt gain and therefore passive volume for severe and acute Volume mixing both a wonder !!!

FYI mine is for sale

anne maintained at 73 vhm in paris

Nickel state


for those who want the vintage "REFERENCE"

it has now been twenty year that have to coasting along ....
actually I do not mean that little has been easy at the beginning, saw the power !!!!

but it's like a rack multi purpose departing shit and it's at the end of six months ..

In any case respet !!

thank you Mr jim


set apart from rock, blues rock, folk,


20 years of loyal service !!