Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current]
Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current]
Pucelle_Dabidjan 03/26/2008

Marshall 1959SLP [2002-Current] : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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100w amp head with 2-channel preamp stages benefiting from a separate section level. Equalization standard and the presence knob.

At the front, two sets of inserts for bridge / link premps them and change their order.

An effects loop on the rear (installed later) and exit HP That's all Folks, nothing else!

In the tradition vintage, I did not put the note because it would be rolled product by any current standard.


No, strangely, the configuration is not simple. This head is a Swiss Army Knife where you can plug a whole bunch of stuff and get in the end, the results partially innatendus.

The sound here is very fast, but then all other sounds arrive, and sometimes just change the levels to one or the other preamp to see you can not find one this nice crunch left in the same place There's 10 minutes.

Note that without a volume attenuator, it is useless to buy it because you will be greatly handicapped.

Single channel head, can not switch between different modes clean / crunch / ect ... I know, but it was already possible at the time.

We talk a lot of (bad) quality marshall. Personally, no problems during our marriage of 3 years.

(4) do not believe that I will cherish to the end, a head of delicate handling, not settle for the live, volume titanic ... it makes things that are wrong.


No, the marshals do not suit me for my style of music. I am very anti-Marshallian the first time ... but the head emerges something that only a few heads of the Marshall range.

First, clean. There is no "ping" like most amps, by "diiiiinggggschwooooo" has more brilliance and already contains some sort of creamy natural. Terribly effective in the rhythmic style hot. British cleans lovers will love this head I'm sure. Note that the head scans all frequencies sufficient for cartons in all frequencies.

The presence knob adds crunch to the acute when the two potentiometers level, they offer sound possibilities that I invite you to discover.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sound, intermediate crunch already pushed. Here, the head is in his element, precise, sensual (and therefore very hard to play because highly variable depending on the sensitivity of the pick), but can show enough potatoes for old punk styles. The overall sound is thicker, and even if we find the sharp side of marshals, do not chip as it is smoother and rounder.

Sounds thoroughly from the bottom I did not like because there was a slight loss of accuracy with a side "grooooooowwww" that was happening at the foundation.

(8) Overall, a great mind for the types of sounds well-typed and the leg immediately recognizable.


I babysitter three years, playing irregularly but enough to enjoy it. I did not take him on tour because they are too rare and too good for that.

A good head for lovers of good sounds but I would not recommend to use live (although all tastes are in nature). The purchase of a power attenuator is required just add to the budget. The selling price is disadvantageous because the competition also offered very good and sometimes cheaper. This is especially true now with the plethora of stuff created since its release.

(6) instead of a head for true lovers of good sound marshall and collectors, but beware, the beautiful has a sound all its own and it will enjoy it.