Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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Alyvest 11/25/2008

Marshall DSL50 : Alyvest's user review


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This is a tube amp: 2 EL34 and 4 for amplification for ECC83 preamp.

This is a 50-watt lamps, so it's pretty powerful, without being either too. This allows to push and make the lights work, giving better performance and therefore better sound!

Level connections, it was a 6.35 mm jack on the front which is the input.
At the rear: two 6.35 mm jack input for footswitch (channel and control the reverb), 2 jack 6.35 mm for the effects loop, output jack 6.35 mm for HP.

Setting level, it has the volume and the gain of each channel.
For channel 1 (the clean) was a interuptor to activate the crunch.
For channel 2 (saturation), it was a interuptor to activate saturated fat ^ ^.

2 pots to adjust the reverb for each channel.

Otherwise, set low, medium, treeble common channels and presence.
To dig the sound, there is a button "tone shift" that cuts the mids. This immediately gives a more modern sound. Button remains "deep" that balance of serious slobbering well ^ ^.

I put 8 / 10 as an independent EQ per channel would have been interesting.


This head is extremely easy to use: Marshall is generally very easy to adjust.
It's easy Scult sound, and adjusted aisemment in concert / studio according to the room.

The manual is clear, but hey, at the same time, there is not any need!

Personally, I like the sound of this head. Marshall is very typical, we like it or hate it.


I play rock (progressive metal).

This head (especially with a Marshall cabinet) has not a legendary precision in acute, but it is present in the bass and lower midrange.
For rhythm (chords loose), or palmuting is incredible sounds ca!

As for solos against hyper accurate and fast, it's not ideal.

With my Les Paul Studio is the ideal couple: sounds good lower midrange, which leaves me a dreamer substain 8 years ^ ^. Well a "full".

on the other hand, with my Telecaster, it's a bit different: the skyscraper is under substain. Right now, we feel!
Less serious acute and struggling to be precise.

In addition, the gain setting is really accurate. I like to play through the amp crunch. Depending on the attack of the strings, the lamps will saturate or not.
Finally, the distortion is monstrous!


I think I bought this amp in 1998, hehe it would make 10 years! and I'm very happy, not want to change her.

I especially like the grain Marshall: bass very present and very heavy sound in general.
Also, the reverb is very nice: real spring reverb! (I do not know if it is on other heads).

Before this amp, I've tried a lot:
- Laney 120 watt
- 5150 (combo) 60 watts
- Marshall Valvestate 8080

- Peavey Ultra
- Mesaboogie Single Rectifier

My amp was already before the JCM2000 Marshall Valvestate 8080. That's when I started to like the grain Marshall!

If compared to the head that I could try, it's completely different: it is the heaviness of his marshall. The substain is Marshall.
For cons, the accuracy of the sound, it's Mesa, or otherwise.

Level quality / price, we can say that this head is excellent. I paid 4000 francs in the memory is € 600. She had just come out.
Other heads were much more expensive, or else of dubious quality (I have a grudge against Peavey: many friends around me have had concerns about the different brand products).

With experience, I would definitely do it again this election!
One of my best memories is the first time I plugged back of the store's head with 4x12 cabinet. The spread is amazing! The sound is huge!