Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

MGR/lemon of pink 02/21/2005

Marshall DSL50 : MGR/lemon of pink's user review

« Marshall JCM 2000 50 watt w/1960 A Cabinet »

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this head and cabinet were purchased brand new back when the jcm 2ooo unit just hit the market. i scored the head for around 85o bones and the cab for like 5oo or something.

this is a classic example of unparalled marshall tone and versatility. this head features a clean channel (green light) that is literally CRYSTAL clear with a volume and gain knob. there's also a boost that gives it what ill call "classic" overdrive sound (like ac/dc or led zeppelin.)

the overdrive channel (red light) has the same volume and gain features and roars like a mother. it sounds a bit like the jcm 8oo except it has a little more classic crisp and responds warmly to your playing dynamics. the extra boost on the channel is a little bit much for me because i dont like that wack distortion overdose out the ass nu-metal sound. but if thats your bag, than this has it also. it also comes with spring reverb for each individual channel (nice!), bass, treble, middle, presence, and tone shift. in the back you got your effects loops various ohm jacks, extension jacks, foot switch jacks blah blah blah.

the only thing i dont like about the head is how fragile it is. i played out alot and played hard and my spring reverb is busted. it could have been a number of things, but it probably was me being an idiot. the other thing i dont like is the tone shift feature. if you're going to record with this head and the tone shift is on, it will cut all the balls off your amp and give you a half ass solid state sound. it is evil.

the construction of the cab and head are the typical tank style that marshall normally makes. although i ripped a bunch of the tolex over the years the sound is never affected. be careful with the spring reverb and watch your heat because it gets hot inside the head. nice gold paneling on the head and matching gold grill that covers the tubes and guts of the head.

this amp kicks ass 12o% A+++ it's built like a tank and covers every tone marshall has made from the 5o's through today in one head. excellent reverb (when it was alive) and tons of tone to choose from. expensive but guaranteed for life and probably worth good $$$ in 3o years or so.

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