Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

MGR/Lou Ciaccio 06/30/2003

Marshall DSL50 : MGR/Lou Ciaccio's user review

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I bought this amp in perfect condtion at Guitar Center for $879 used & retailing new at $1050. Not bad eh?
I bought it about a year ago and i wanted to buy a Mesa Boogie Rectifecer and i had only 1100 with me, so I tried the Marshall and the Mesa.

The Marshall sounded superb with its holiness clean channel. The distorion was alright, you had to crank it up to get the good distortion going. I wish it had as much disortion as the Mesa, but the Mesa was difficult to use with too many channels ans shit. Also it had a horrible clean channel. The Marsahll had a more well rounded basis. It still delivered everything thing i needed to play Iron Maiden to Metallica to Jason becker to even the low stuff like Slipknot and Korn. It looks incredible and has brilliant gold finsih to it.

The volume had to be cranked to apprectiae the true Marshall disortion and gain, but i i just use a pedal for lower volumes. I use a Zoom 606 and by the way that is the best $100 for a multi effects pedal EVER!!!! a bit pricy as well, but thats marshall.

Very durable. Its on the heavy side for weight, but there are defintly heavier heads though.

I would say defintly that this is a great amp and Marshall has never made a bad amp ever. If u want a godlike clean and satanlike distortion, here it is. The all tube 50 watts is definlty loud enough for ANY club, gig, show, or venue. if you want a great amp check the DSL50 head out! You won't be disapointed.

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