Marshall DSL50
Marshall DSL50

DSL50, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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blurb 03/18/2007

Marshall DSL50 : blurb's user review


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So it's a head marshall jcm 2000 dsl 50, so all lamps (2 and 4 EL34 power ECC83 in preamp). Mine, I bought "used" but in fact it is brand new, the owner not having used only 10 for a whopping $ 600 euros.Elle delivers 50 watts, so watch your ears.
At the knobs, we of course equalizer acute, medium, bass, presence of a control, 2 channels: clean / crunch, overdrive 1/overdrive 2.A reverb for each channel, one volume knob and a gain également.Sinon for each channel, there is a button "deep" to boost the bass, and a button "tone shift", which, by cutting the media gives a more métal.Voila, I think I've forgotten anything . For me it is just as possibilité.Un bracket also add to change the channel, island st regrettable that we can not switch between clean crunc an example, but hey, we go on this .. .


Well, it's marshall, so easy, you die !!^^. To tell me the equalizer I hardly move, I put the gain at half, the presence of the same, and off you go! we obtain immediately a good sound, frankly, there are critics or fans marshall marshall who deplore the sound of dsl 50, me love!
For the manual, well I read it anyway because I first played with all the lights, so it gives a few tips, including how to connect a speaker (with the stories of ohms).


I play rock, punk rock especially California (Green Day, Weezer, NOFX, Sugarcult, Sum 41, The Offspring, etc ...) And it should PARFAITMEENT for these styles of music! Can be easily typed a good riff mmétal with the "toneshift" and good blues too.
I play this amp with a PRS Santana is 2, A Marshall 1960A speaker cabinet, and it's great! I do not use because I find stupid to use a distortion pedal for example, when you have a tube amp under his arm.
This gives the sound you want, very clean crystal, crunch, overdrive warm distortion greasy.
I love all the sounds it produces! But for my case, I use mostly a overdrive and the clean / crunch a few times.


I've had a months.The best part is the sound, and ease of use. The less, well as I dt, not an overdrive to go from 1 to 2, or to clean crunch, with pédalier.Je did not try many models, but I heard a lot, and that this amp that meets my expectations (in this price range huh).
Ben, nine, a bit expensive ptetre (1000 euros), I got it in mint condition for 600 euros, and a Marshall 1960 A cabinet for 280 euros, so I think I have a good half stack all lamps not very expensive and will serve me a long time!
I had more resources, type in the 1959 ptetre slp matque the same, although there are only 100 watts (small note, I wonder what kind purchased by the 100-watt machine can use rleur me, it's 50 waztts ​​and jle grows to 2.5, yet my drummer hits hard, but I swear it is more than enough! A 4 was too much !!!). But I think Marshall is the most polyvalrent, and more suited to music styles that I play, so yes, I would do this choice!