Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head
Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head

Mark Five Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Mark V series.

ganafoul 06/08/2011

Mesa Boogie Mark Five Head : ganafoul's user review

«  excellent but less specific »

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all-tube amp of course, as the mine with 4 6L6, EL34, since replaced by 4 if desired. Power 100 - 45 - 10 watts of your choice on each channel completely canal.Trois indpendants Each one with three modes.Un pdalier trs in addition to the tradional comprehensive selection of channels used to control the EQ of the loop effect, the reverb (at divine deumeurant) function and a solo "Mute." selectable by a recovery in the 5U4 45 Watts on channels 1 and 2 and Triode or Pentode option on the channel for Lead.Voil Broadly, because I think those who read me know much about dj SPECIFICATIONS of this amp.


Being a regular at Mesa, I board had no problem at most levels rglages.De tlecharger it is possible to record in french.
Do you get a good sound easy? clear: yes
Legalization is tourjours trs reactive and again, with the EQ is the possibility to use either traditional Manir with sliders or by a contour knob.


Is it your style of music? It should all styles!
I play blues rock of great personal and blus Texas, with some incursions Hard rock.
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Start prs and post CBS, Tele, Lespaul, ES335 (Well I board a little bit of stuff is true, but a certain age !!!!!) So the sound is true that I did trs not extended because if the amp is actually very complete and versatile, I would say that we should not have known these great ERRF! I own a Mark IV in parallle purchased new in 1993 and III of 1991 and it is unfortunate that the Lead Drive (cascading gain) and the Push / pull knobs for gain does not have as many sounds Lead conservs.Pour obtained are still excellent, just a little less than possibilits.lDommage because I think the lead drive is a bit of the trademark MARK.Mais good use I must admit that this does not impede me from trop.En However, a big plus for indpendance total of three channels that allow you to carve a real clear sound without any interaction on channel 2 (from the Mark IV)


I use it for the past 6 mois.Il took me a little time for the fair apprcier valeur.J 'too had a tendency to compare IV.Maintenant I love it.'s Hard to say IV or V which I prfre, they each have their advantages and inconvnients the three when he plays in another court but also his "soul." Who wants the flexibility to Use the V is the assurment meilleurAvec the exprience, you do again this choice? .. Without hsitation