Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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i'm nietzsche bietzsche 12/30/2012

Mesa Boogie Road King Head : i'm nietzsche bietzsche's user review

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I'm not going to try to describe this monster so its characteristics consistent. In short, virtually every MESA amp in one big box in solid wood.

Monstrous power ... What's Mesa

Impossible for me to plug a distortion pedal. Mesa does not like tries to submit heads distorienne competition ^ ^


The strong point lies in customizing pushed to the extreme of each of the 4 channels. Were available Lamps 2 grinders, four 6L6, EL34 2, then you can select a type of amplification for each channel (eg C1 = C2 26L6: 2EL34 C3: 26L6) and then use a grinding lamps or diodes. A reverb for each channel, you can even choose the type of speakers in the cabinet if Roadking! (This is not my case)

The manual provided on the website and available MESA (in French too!) Is super clear and explains everything in detail. I can tell you that his presence is not superfluous!


This amp is a chameleon .. a Godzilla box! You can do everything. Skip to Metallica, to Floyd through the Santana, AC-DC or Gojira has never been easier. Enjoy! I use it for two years now and each time I discover a new facet of this amp just by turning one tenth knob or trying a new combination lamps ... Hours or years of use are necessary to master even that two-thirds of the total capacity of the beast. I'm bored with this so never mind!

I pass from Gibson LP ESP Viper as the Tele ... Simply amazing!


Roadking, a name that commands respect. Difficult to tame a monster but adds value to your sound which is not negligible. This is simply the most complete amp that can exist on the market. There are a bunch of internet test I invite you to explore.

It is true that this amp is scarce, its price as much as necessary abilities. If you have the budget and you hesitate, go for the head! All others in the same price range, do not mesh. It is a monster to have.

This amp is a life ....

Note: Consider the noise-canceling headphones ...