Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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MGR/Gary 01/24/2004

Mesa Boogie Road King Head : MGR/Gary's user review

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The unit was purchased from guitar center in Azusa CA. Price was around $2500.00. Although I was very lucky and recieved it as a birthday present.

The road king has a million different tones, It allows you to choose between 3 different preamp circiuts and 5 different power amp circuits for each of the four channels. Then it allows you to assign either bold or spongy use of the power tubes. It also allows you to choose your rectifier tracking. Basically to sum it all up, you can get any tube amp circiut/ sound out of this beast. It comes with a foot controller to allow you to switch channels, turn on or off your reverb, or 2 effects loops (which are assignable to each channel and have a mix pot for each), and it allows you to trigger an external device. Channels 3 and 4 are mosterous. This is the first amp I have ever played that didn't need any effects or outboard gear to amaze you, through its settings you can get any boogie rectifier, marshall, or fender amp sound you want. All of them sounding incerdible.

Well it's a little pricey for one.
Second the effects loop has proven to be a little touchy, it doesn't like low budget effects on it. Although it sounds fantastic without effects.

Well boogie is famous for its "built like a tank" approach, and this is definately no exception. The head weighs a lot. As for quality I am sure everything is top of the line. I have a 17 year old mark 3 boogie and have never had a problem with it. With 10 of the years on it being constantly moved and transported, so I can say that boogies quality is no bs. Evryone else in my group had equipment problems with their amps, the worst problem I ever had was a loose tube.

Tonal monster, top quality pro gear, any sound you're after, if this sounds like it's for you go test drive a Road King, I love mine. With all of the new multi effects units putting in amp modelers let me tell you none of those models sound like the real circuits. In other words why buy something trying to sound like a great amp, cut to the chase and just buy the great amps.

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