Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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tofDA 02/29/2008

Mesa Boogie Road King Head : tofDA's user review


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Prior Note: my mesa is a Roadking v1. there is a version 2 which I do not know the evolution of CHARACTERISTICS.

I add nothing which t said before. The Mesa site is fairly comprehensive and all Manir Tlcharger allows the manual.
Spcial any point of the same on the particularity of this stuff, namely the possibility to choose the lights on which you want to leave. a fire may seem a little by the hair but a sense tural influence on the sound.
A report and also a loop SERIES parallle.
Variable power depending on the combination of lights and switch spongy / bold the rear but still unusable even in apartments. In fact the head is really meaningless volume pushed a little (like any amp you say lamps ...).
Also regrettable is the mesa in any CONTRL by jack, while a midi interface as is done in a Engl, Hughes & Kettner and others would apprciable (I mean it's far from being rdhibitoire) .
Stro not either.
=> 9 / 10


The configuration is far from being simple. in fact it is the combination of diffrent configurations that leaves a wide range of sounds and makes it a truly versatile amp, there is something for every taste. So we must look a bit to find the sound that corresponds prcisment without that research is dsagrable since the hack on amne forcment configurations intermdiaires always INTERESTED.
Note the very significant influence SETTING THE equalizer, including treble (but it's true on other heads mesa).
Manual (English) Retailer INTERESTED because of the influence of each knob.

A report that comes with the pdalier DCON. I did not because I use a rpar Switcher external, but I think a limit in view of the price of the machine. So 9 / 10.


Corresponds done all my style of zic but I think everyone can find their account as given the wide horizon sound offered by this hardware.
Personally fan of Channel 2 in his clear, rounder than one channel I think.
I use channel 1 plutt in casseroles or funky.
3 channel sound used in lead. I opt for one feels under attack from the channel 4 mdiator I use high gain.
ENNOORRMME 4 channel sound. Gain to 3 / 4 is dmentiel. In fact it is really his mesa. Once the lamps have heated the first power chord still gives chills. Be careful not to even put too much gain for sounds Defines well.
Having a dual possd correct (first generation, 2 channels) before I found the power of the distortion section. I missed the rest of the sound era, find the Roadking.


I use it for a year, purchased second-hand. Sound output on Celestion V30 in 2x12 or 4x12. No problem to use on the head by itself.
At the risk of being lynched by the previous ones vnrables posters who feel rightly that it is the stuff of a lifetime, I think the resale from time to time due to practical and pragmatic transportation for concerts. I do not use only that at concerts and I think it is not enough, having too lazy to dplacer the cabinet, the head, the rack, the pedals each BPS . So I think a return conf only rack (2:90 Triax + for example) easier transport.
But this does not affect the quality of the perfect hardware, you just ask the question: "Is what this head is really what I need?". There including the roadster, a simplified version of the Roadking but my opinion is quite sufficient for lambda zicos like me. Besides, I have not rcemment few resales used, may be people who have the same feeling as me ...
Bon Obviously it's expensive, too srement but I will not go into the dbat fair price for such high-end gear. In my opinion the report is justified qualitprix (black dot on the pdalier off). Think of the coup also retubing before buying ...
In résumé: a pure pleasure to her, a torture for the purse and back, but in the end I think well continue with my way because this machine is that of a life (as stated by the v nrables previous ones and wise posters).