Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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Petrucci007 12/03/2006

Mesa Boogie Road King Head : Petrucci007's user review


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Tube amp switchable 50/100/150W
4 independent channels plus a master volume and a solo boost adjustable
On each channel can select three types of amp return
2 loops of possible effects: a series and parallel
9 footswitch position (switch to 4 channels, loop1 and 2, ext trig, solo boost and reverb)
Midi controllable condition to invest in a switch Jack => noon (after 6 min at ports)
Progressiv Linkage: function to select a running lamps (one selection per channel)


This is the Mesa / Boogie, so it's a Rolls, but the grip is not easy
Take your time because the sound changes at the lowest effective level knobs on
Lots of possible combinations.

I put 8 because this amp is even qd reserved for experienced users


Channel 1 delivers a typically clear Mesa Rectifier, shining powerful, ideal for big clean arpeggios
Channel 2 offers him a clear sound duller, ideal for me when I use the micro piezo.
Channel 3 provides a first level of distortion, nikel for hard rock or rock, gain a bottom (or to 15h) issues qd even a very big sound
Channel 4: while there, Mesa Power in the rough, not for the sensitive. Properly adjusted it is easy to approach the sound of John Petrucci of Train Of Thought. Grosse disto but attention soon becomes very messy if you do anything with equalos


This is clearly an investment (3000 € nine) but it's an amp that is kept for a lifetime. It is Mesa, so either you love or hate it. Do not be afraid to spend considerable time to fully explore all the possibilities of this truly multi Amp (includes most of the legends Mesa on one head, even the Lone Star is represented on the Road King Series II).

For me it is the best amp in the world, I love the grain Mesa, I could not be better.