Mesa Boogie Road King Head
Mesa Boogie Road King Head

Road King Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

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Megajp 05/31/2006

Mesa Boogie Road King Head : Megajp's user review


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All Lamp: Four 6L6 EL34 and two for the amplification
Five 12AX7 for the preamplifier
Two floors of the linker Lamp
This is the very heavy (120W) but it was totally independent and 4 channel configurable

Connections: Jack6.35

Adjustments front: Gain / Bass / Med / Aig / Pres / Master by cannal
3types of preamp by cannal
Master and Solo on the general
Adjustments Rear: Soyouz48bis there are too many things here queleques that is not often

1 / FIVE possibility of linkage of the PAR CHANNELS
2 / 2 independent output speaker. We can do its funky rhythm and a drying cabinet Electrovoice of channels to those solos on a Marshall cabinet ..... ROaaaaaaaaaaR which n 'has not dreamed of!
3 / Two loops of effects assayed by cannal
5/boucle general effect
6 / 4Ohm/8ohm / 16Ohm
7/etc ...

not try, nothing is missing

This amp is the quintessence of all the amps that exist in the world ... the price will accordingly!
I put a new one for the price


Paradoxically, the conf is very simple
The sound is immediately
Cannal1: a clean sound Mesaboogie standard
Cannal 2: An old lamp has Marchall (Thanks Keith Richard)
Cannal3 & 4 A Dual Rectifier

Cannal 4 in the likant 6lampes and by choosing a diode bridge a transistor
we get a kind of sound alien, obviously very strong, and we remain on the ass

I put 11, that is superior to all that this land on the planet!


Genre Rock / Ska like Smash Mouth. It is Impec
Fender Strato, 335 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe or nothing to say that is very powerful, it can also play a small volume (thank you to repeat them) and especially the amp "respects" the guitar

the clean good for slamming ska rhythm
The way Rolling Stone crunch and Daniel Lanois
The Sound of dual rectify .... running a very strong ca pornography!


I play for two years with
I do not like the weight and price
"I had another Mesaboogie before a studio + 40 W
Move along ... nothing to do

With the experience .... this joke. We bought this amp a once in a lifetime
I have waited 40 years to pay me and I had to buy my wife a 206HDI has to pass the bill ...

Conclusion Budget Coté, it's very heavy: € 5000 plan for the amplifier and at least € 10 000 for Bobonne. It would have cost me less expensive divorce ....