Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace Head
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace Head

Stiletto Ace Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Mesa Boogie in the Stiletto series.

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RomRomRom 10/13/2011

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace Head : RomRomRom's user review

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Lamps, EL34, 50W, 4 outputs and 8 ohms for subwoofer, loop, footswitch output facade.


A little bit "confusing" at first only at the "bold" or "spongy" because the selector is the same as to turn the amp (off center, left, bold, spongy right or vice versa).
After this difficult choice, the choice of channel is very simple on the front and the type of sound to choose (3 on channel 1, 2 on 2). Front clear, no frills: master of the canal, presence, bass, middle, treble, gain.
To the rear, it's the same, the loop with level, choice of output for your subwoofer, fuse, bypass loop. Small black dot but nothing serious, you can not unplug the power cord. It is directly connected to the output transformer.


I play rock (preferably American) is a great amp. Clearly, channel 1 is a killer because he is not aggressive at all in terms of equalization. Except to the treble and presence to the bottom, we can not have one that's screaming hard eardrums. It has a clean correct, that suits me well for what I can do.
The raw mode and the next are great because we are in the JCM800 but sounds more modern, US, exactly where I want to go.
Channel 2 is really great too. Ditto, we find the leg JCM800 but also modern, with more gain. I think the amp sounds more to my taste in "Titus" but the other mode is also very nice, a bit more compressed.

It does not have this side "low end" which takes the lead. Here you type battery where it is needed when playing the guitar, the lower medium. Do not expect to replace your head with the bass player. With the Stiletto's "each in his place" in terms of frequencies. But do not worry, we can largely break the gam with! : O)

I could try it with my LP Custom. I will try to complete this test with a Start and Tele in a short time.


Tested yesterday, bought right away. I went to the shop with two amps in mind: the one and a Diezel Einstein. On paper, the Einstein appealed to me more but when I plugged the Stiletto, I found what I expected: a JCM 800 Marshall without the side! : O)
In fact, I found what I had just a few years with my Soldano Avenger and I sold (and I regret).
I was fortunate to be able to leave a DSL50 and Rockerverb 50 in exchange for this amp. For those familiar with these amps, it will tell you can be. The Rockerverb 50 isa monster but more low-end, more fat, the DSL is "anecdotal" in comparing the two.

Great opportunity, I find the correct price but again, it was a deal with the shop so I have not felt pass.

Time will tell if I'm really happy I do not be disappointed!