Orange Dual Terror
Orange Dual Terror

Dual Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

tremonti 06/23/2012

Orange Dual Terror : tremonti's user review

«  An almost flawless! »

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Amp head with 2 channels of 30 watts (7w and 15w in splittable I will return) tube (EL84).
3 knobs: gain, volume and tone.
A stand-by, a channel selector.
No effects loop (too bad but consistent with the spirit purely vintage).


Configuration could not be more simple, no need for manual: one branch is allowed to warm up and we play!
The sound is right there, just have to equalize with the "Tone" to go to a more matte over glossy.


Then I put 9 because perfection is not of this world but when it's the sound you want that say?
The rock his 60's, 70's, in this little box are hidden the Who, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and others ...
Not for clean sounds fenderiens but I love this warm sound, not for the metal even with a boost or overdrive an upstream one can approximate these sounds there, not for the shoegaze (then I say m of ...) because no loop to insert your delays, reverbs etc ...
One must consider the amp for what it is, namely a box overdrive!
The ideal is a guitar, a cable and direct in the amp! Therefore to you its the blues, rock, hard rock based guitar course.
With the Flying V I quietly from blues to hard with the knobs on the guitar, while with my Strat copy (Tokai Goldstar) I'll get sound on the edge of overdrive Hendrixiens crunch up, the big blues.
The Dual Terror has no apparent many settings, provided it is possible to draw a lot of different sounds ace: from 4 to 2 tubes (switch back) or 30 to 15w and you play on power, dynamics and fullness of sound. Therefore you will realize that the beast turns into a very versatile style "rock" at large and by switching from one channel to another you can spend a warm and clear channel for the funk to a channel "big overdrive" for the Gun's and others.
Again with a boost, overdrive, equalizer upstream, the range widens.


I use it for over a year now and I do not regret my purchase.
I had the Tiny Terror before and I wanted to take advantage of this to its greater volume and switch between two channels, one clear and one overdrive.
In exceptional portability (7kg if I remember correctly) with its cover I can take it anywhere. 15 or 30 watts requisitioned ', 7w at home (although careful when going from 30 to 15w sound is not divided by 2, it is reduced, the texture changes but not as drastically as expected), it I use as a distortion box live (I spend a Peavey head for clean sounds to DT for overdrive with a A / B box), amp requisitioned 'in the studio and working at home.
Shame about the effects loop (especially in Orange has a Dark on Terror even if it's true that it's not quite the same philosophy ...) but it is I think the only regret I could have both the gear I like.
If you love vintage and rock sounds rather rough around the edges, do not hesitate!