Orange Dual Terror
Orange Dual Terror

Dual Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

werty1 12/28/2009

Orange Dual Terror : werty1's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Dual Terror is a 2-channel amplifier of type Class A.
It benefits from 4 lamps to the ECC83 preamp and 4 EL34 tubes for power.
The power of the amplifier is splittable into 7, 15 or 30 watts.
It y '3 speaker outputs, two 8 ohm and 1 of 16 ohm. A jack for the channel switcher and channel Tiny Fat.
There is no effects loop.
It is manufactured in China.


The configuration of the amplifier could not be simpler, for each of the two channels we have 3 pots, gain, tone and volume.
To this is added, slamming the big switch.
The former are on the front. From left to right we have the classic "On / Off" switch comes after "Full (15 or 30 watts) / Standby / Half (7 or 15 watts)" Then, at the extreme right of the head we the selector of channels and finally on the back of the head we have a switch that activates either 2 or 4 power tubes.

The manual does not exist, but frankly not necessary, here we are in the category plug and play, you plug it plays, it sounds!

And little more Gig Bag, super convenient!


I play in Group Power Rock, the dual feel so "at home"
I think for the blues, and jazz, it can do so, the amp is very versatile, I even want to test it in my group of brutal death with a guitar emg if granted, I think that can give something interesting.

Let's go to my current setup:

Fender Telecaster Baja config Seymour STK3 + Electro Harmonix Black Finger Terror 4 + Dual x12 Hughes and Kettner with Celestion V30

Tiny on channel:

Well, it's tiny and better, as the amp is more powerful, was more reserved before cruncher, you can claim a real clear sound at high volume.
It's warm, round and very dynamic, the receiver reacts hugely to attack, I love it!
However, a lover of Fender change its crystalline way.
For the rest, you refer to the opinions of Tiny Terror!

Fat on the channel:

So the tiny boost, I personally do not like the turn that takes the distortion after 14h on Knob gain, the sound gets pretty messy, but it is a matter of perspective, if you like distos type fuzz, I think you'll like it.
For my part, as I said above I use it set to 14h, it gives us approximately the distortion found on the tiny channel when pushed to the bottom with a little more body.
For solos, I slightly inflated my sound with a compressor Electroharmonix black finger, and there, with dose sustain more, it's totally magical!


I use it now for 1 week.
I played a lot of time on high gain amps (Marshall JCM 2000, Peavey 5150, ENGL Powerball), I wanted to return to a more "roots" more rock with a more limited power to qualify for the potato from the lamps.
Until now the style amps Tiny Terror, Night Train, Rebel 20, does not allow for a real clean sound at high volume and well with the Dual and the 30 watts is now possible.

The absence of effects loop, yet does not bother me more than that, but when I think about investing in a real delay pedal, certainly I will bring the head in a tech to do the edit.

I find excellent value for money, 622 euros in general for an amp of this quality, do not hesitate!

I do not have enough perspective on the product to say whether I would do this choice, but what is certain is that it suits me perfectly for the moment.