Orange Thunderverb 200H
Orange Thunderverb 200H

Thunderverb 200H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

smile_in_your_sleep 02/17/2009

Orange Thunderverb 200H : smile_in_your_sleep's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Thunderverb 200 Orange Amps is the new flagship of the British brand.

This amp completely lamp head delivers a power of 200 W at 4/8 ohm and 100 ohm W at 8/16, you can select a power split system.

It was designed to be used by all guitarists (blues, rock, funk, pop, metal ...) But also by bassists in fact it has a technology: Tone Extended Range technology, (ETR), which allows running frequencies up to 30Hz without saturating the sound. It has a reverb, a middle digging system and a power attenuator that allows you to run at full speed without tearing the lamps plastered his bedroom and that of neighbors.

Lamps level we found:

# Lamps preamp: 4 x ECC83 / 12AX7
# Power tubes: 4 x 6550
# Reverb lamps 2 x ECC81 / 12AT7

At the back there are all necessary connectors:

- Channel switch input A / B

- Switch input Reverb

- Power input attenuator switch

- The send & return entries in the effects loop

- The speaker input (s) / head under 4/8 and 8/16 ohm

- Fuses

- The on / off switch

Façade available:

* Channel A:

- Volume, treble, middle, bass and gain

* Channel B:

- Volume, shape, gain
Also on the front, the stanby / play switch, channel A / B switch, the attenuator and the reverb.


Configuration? what configuration? in orange, no fuss even a dog can make it work! :-)dropoff Window

for SOUND, simply look for a few minutes or seconds, Me, I've barely put 2 minutes to make me a while to be so crunchy Franz Ferdinand, clean to languid ballads or ultra edgy distortion for fan Killswitch engaged there for everyone and every taste. I can not say for her that she can go out with a low but I think it must not be bad either.

No need to book but it is available on the website in orange.


For my part, it corresponds very well to my style of music, I'm in a group of post-hardcore / rock where the mixture of both beatdown at ultra melodic lines so power pop but even if I did it would be the metalcore well adapted to the style.

I use Orange slap ppc8-412 designed for Thunderverb and ESP Standard Series Vintage White eclipse. No effect for the moment, I think in the future invest in an ISP Decimator history to remove small "hum", a home equalize MXR and volume at Ernie Ball

This head allows to obtain a con crystalline wish is also the main quality in orange, the reverb is just beautiful, the distortion can be really incisive thanks to shape the sound that builds in some seconds, moves from its dry ultra fat.

I use Channel A for a clean clear with a slight reverb and channel B for a rich distortion midrange and treble


I received it a week ago and I think it's my best purchase for a long time, I was lucky to find this rare series in white. I chose it because it's been a really long time that I wanted an orange, I hesitated with Diezel Herbert good but too modern for me.

The Thunderverb remains a top product of very expensive range 2700 to 1980 findable in store for our Teutonic friends, the cabinet cost him 1,200 euros in store and 890 I believe in small Germans. I am indebted but good for the price of a trip grooos, I have a product that rips and I'm going to love every moment of my life as a musician.

I remake this choice 100 times!