Orange Thunderverb 200H
Orange Thunderverb 200H

Thunderverb 200H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

iamqman 08/18/2011

Orange Thunderverb 200H : iamqman's user review

« How much....200 watts!!!! WOW »

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The orange amplifier 200 W guitar amp is one of the loudest and most powerful amplifiers on the market. It offers two channels that your foot switchable along with a foot searchable attenuator which is a very cool idea and I have never seen that on any other amplifier to this day. This comes with a tube buffered effects loop any tube driven reverb unit if anyone is ever spent time with the tube reverb amp then you know that the quality and tone that comes from, as tube makes the reverb sound that much more real and room filling. This amp is the exact same amp as the orange tolex version but just in a black color. Same features and everything but just in black.

The first channel to clean crunch and lead channel each with three it has three channels each with three stages of gain the first channel obviously is the clean which gets a nice shiny and sparkling clean channel very usable for blues music or just clean note picking.

The second channel is the crunch channel which get you a very good classic rock 'n roll crunch town many bands would envy the foisting of this tone back in the day. The third channel is the lead channel and this is where you get a more modern high again lead with a higher midrange frequency channel good for soloing and lead line playing .



Output: 200W (RMS)
Channel A controls: gain, shape, volume
Channel B controls: gain, bass, middle, treble, volume
Attenuator control: foot-switchable for both channels.
Reverb control: Foot-switchable for both channels.
Features: attenuator, reverb, 100-watt switch (on rear)

Tubes: preamp - 4 x ECC83; output 4 x 6550/KT88; reverb and FX loop: 2 x ECC81
Speaker impedance: 2 x 4ohms, 2 x 8ohms (200W) or 2 x 8ohms, 2 x 16ohms, 2 x 16ohms (100W)
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 21-3/4"W x 10"H x 11"D
Weight: 66-1/4lb.


This amp is 200 W of power which means is going to be louder than probably any empty you've ever come in contact with other than a bass amplifier. With 200 W really don't access all of the power that this thing can handle unless you are playing in stadiums or arenas. The first channel a has again shape and volume control the shape allows you to dial in the upper midrange for a tight percussive sound. It also increases the base in trouble when you turn the control knob clockwise chilled beet controls has a game base middle trouble and volume this is pretty standard on most high gain distortion channels you can use the foot control or should I say the foot control that enables you to be able turned on and off allows you to dial in at 200 W of power and just the overall volume to what you do is you get the power tubes really break up to give you a good power tube crunch tone, but able to dial that same thing back to usable volume for bedroom playing and most band situations.

The amp also has a reverb control that is too buffered and sounds very exciting. You also have a half power switch on the back I can reduce the power 200 W this is one of the best sounding orange amplifiers to date and one of the most versatile one of the most versatile amplifiers that oranges ever manufactured


At new you can find thees amps for right around the price of $3000, pretty expensive amplifier for most people on budget and pretty expensive for my taste, but this is one of the most professional sounding and professionally priced amplifiers you can buy. They do have other amplifiers in their product range that are much cheaper than this but this is their top-of-the-line amplifier.