Orange Thunderverb 200H
Orange Thunderverb 200H

Thunderverb 200H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

HarkBones 05/08/2010

Orange Thunderverb 200H : HarkBones's user review

«  Orange under the steroid and versatile »

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200 watt 100 watt switchable (going from 4 to 2 lamp power on)
attenuator (to push the lamps while reducing the volume very useful)
effects loop
2 channels (both with gain, no clear channel itself)
1st channel: set low, mid, high: although reactive
2nd channel: set "shape" (the mid boost on one side, the hollow of the other lyrics by enhancing the bass and treble, especially, could love to add an equalizer for more flexibility)

4ohm or 16ohm output 8ohms


Easy to use, it still used as a vintage, except it's dual channel and that there is a master volume and more gain (well, it's really rare that there have not today.
No need to book.

A channel allows a bit more variation in a less metal is basically the channel B Rockerverb 100 (for having tried too), it goes from a clean, crunch, crunch on, until good vintage distortion. An absolute clean is not really achievable, at least if you're really a purist, but it comes close to reasonable volumes (especially in 200 watt)

Channel B is also able to clean, but I'm not too used like that and I think this is not its function. We can go fairly rapidly in the overdrive fuzz. One can not but cruncher crunch lime and very silky, it quickly fuzz. The shape is amazing, very easy to use, you set a motion and found the frequency you prefer. The drawback, of course, this reduces the advantage is not break the head and done with it. It's a bit weak in my opinion if the amp really likes to put "his" paw on her. otherwise it is complete with a pedal EQ but it complicates the use (pass from one channel to another etc.).

Consider buying two switch pedal knobs is not provided with essential and in my opinion


I needed an amp can do: post-rock pretty trippy, reverb a nice, light crunch (clear pure sounds only interested Moitiers) and some very heavy metal distortion with a neat but not sending. I found everything about this amp, adding that they may have a more stoner channel distortion, and move toward something more more doom metal, which is interesting.
The crunch does not look as good as the other orange, like the series AD or even the tiny terror. It goes fast enough for a clear tinted to a crunch distortion already aggressive enough, even on the A channel I think.

The reverb is beautiful I think, very naturally, making the bottom one must obviously avoid overplaying psyche but the effect is to go. Her tears a holy grail without problem.

Mitigation works beautifully, I like the user's browser to be able to touch the main master volume of all channels without changing the settings of each master to play softer if necessary (often required).

The 200 watts are scary, but I think are used either to destroy your opponents, or simply use a tune guitar or even very low bass.
Indeed, orange brag so I tried: well with a bass that's fine too! Maybe not as vibrant with a dedicated bass amp, but really stunning and very professional already.


Since about 6 months, repeat with my band and some live performances, very good response in several types of room. Anyway, sounds are good, I think the question does not arise (normal at this price I would say) remains to be seen whether the features you agree, here's my review:
First, it's a tube amp still relatively old-school, despite the additions and upgrades.
Is it "high gain"?

For added versatility: a marshall jcm with 4 channels (really good, it's the only one who made me hesitate, but Thunderverb its own logic that I like, its grain while being powerful, or there is marshall more versatile, the orange to her personality)

More highain a mesaboogie, but then a tighter grain, less rich, clear sound and a cold

More classic: Rockerverb 100, very good, you can really do, but still the channel b Thunderverb to something quite unique, while remaining very "grainy" and yet very powerful).

I tried the HIWATT higain because I thought it might do but for me the old-school side-modern canalb B HIWATT higain is very flat, noisy and inefficient, lack of overall dynamic for an amp of this price . it made me very disappointed. although I think it is usable, but I did not really understand.

short, it's about personality and not quality, there are gaps that can be judged unacceptable if we had specifically need it, but it has its charm in her mouth and a beautiful weathered well.