Orange Thunderverb 50H
Orange Thunderverb 50H

Thunderverb 50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

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maxrage 09/07/2013

Orange Thunderverb 50H : maxrage's user review

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Power: 50 Watts
Channels: 2
Preamp tubes: ECC83 (x4) ECC81 (x2)
Power Tubes: EL34 (x2)
Channel A: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
Channel B: Gain, Shape, Volume
Effects loop lamp ECC81
HP outputs:
16 Ohm (1x)
8 ohms (2x)
Made in Engnland


Relatively simple to use, it sounds immediately. English manual.


Amp extremely versatile. Channel A clean sound to rock, the Crunch channel B to the metal. The clean is clean and warm crunches are beautiful, after the super grain distos must love the Orange. As I said we can go to the metal, but not extreme. I use a mh400nt Ltd., a sc-608b and ESP Ltd Standard Series E2-7 tb.


I use this head for 1 and a half months coupled with a PPC212. I tried the Engl, Blackstar's ... I wanted to say that the palm mute are huge, excellent! What I like is its versatility and quality of workmanship is impeccable. At the price it is an investment but it's really not disappointed. The attenuator is a real plus and not a gimmick. I will do exactly the same choice when I see the quality. If you are looking for a versatile amp, quality, manageable power, well do not look any further. To me this amp is a reference.