Orange Thunderverb 50H
Orange Thunderverb 50H

Thunderverb 50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

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BENADA 09/16/2013

Orange Thunderverb 50H : BENADA's user review


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Any amp 50w lamps
Amplification Lamps: 2x EL34/6CA7
Lamps Preamp: 4 X 12AX7 & 2x 12AT7
Effects loop, attenuator, two channels, reverb, connectors 1 x 2 x 8ohm 16ohm


The config is on n'peut easier!
No need to book, it quickly gained a very good sound coupled with Orange212 cab or 412.


Channel 1 is crunch! We can still get a good clear sound by adjusting the gain of it (knob at 10 Max)
Channel 2 is much more wicked can dig the sound with the one setting Shape of the channel. It's very effective. Skip to medium distortion, see Lenny Kravitz at a much widened and its very sharp. With an orange 412, you literally take off.
We can change the sound by changing the lamps preamp.
I use a lot of effect to the delay loop. The result is superb with a good Telecaster!
The atténatueur is very useful to manage its level. The crunch is impaired if the attenuator is in position 3h (reverse run). Knob 1 hour is a good compromise.


I have 4 years.
I played on Hughes and Kettner and Rocktron (amplifiers), Carvin Amp coupled Tc G strength. The sound of the orange really is organic! Very hairy!
I'm not about to part with it, even if it is sometimes weighs 26kg me ...