Orange Thunderverb 50H
Orange Thunderverb 50H

Thunderverb 50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Thunderverb series.

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tarexband 02/06/2009

Orange Thunderverb 50H : tarexband's user review


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50W lamps (as Marshall EL34)
1x8 ohm or 1x16ohm or 2x16ohm
2 channels - separate Eq
An attenuator

It's been ages that I peel magazines and one could cite 500 pros who have found the ultimate gear. Oddly, two years later they play on something else ... Every scratch knows that the amp to do anything if there is necessarily a defect. There are excellent pedals but 1) When you change the sound program cuts and 2) Passing through scanning: reactivity and certain sensations are erased. Of course, there's the stars What never changed, they have their sound. And if you like their sound, buy yourself the same stuff and you'll have the same sound (if you got the same technique, the same fingers on the same sound engineer ...)
Anyway, here to talk about the ch'uis Thunderverb 50.
Benefit # 1: Flat => 5W, home => 15W, repeat '=> 30W, cabaret => 50W, Outdoor => 100W, Bercy => 50000W ... The Thunderverb solved the pb. It includes a power attenuator (Powerbrake style) that dissipates power in the drifting resistance. Thus, heat lamps retain full capacity they would not turn down the volume (and PAN! Écubrouzoufs 200 of savings).
Benefit # 2: If you are young and crazy with lots of friends when you love muscular lugging your 4x12 just for fun. I have the middle part of Angus Young and I am not sure to beat the 100m Gibbons (Gandalf in dark glasses home zztop - 60 in 2009) or Richards (Stones 66 years in 2009 eaten by osteoarthritis). So a amp head of 55 cm it can be less large speakers that look like nothing in a Marshall head (75cm)
Benefit # 3: Tchénolé & tchénolbi. Yeah two channels is common and even more qu'y'a elsewhere. But if you seek sound like singing solo in the 70's then you'll buy a vintage Marshall tone and clear sound Well thou shalt make the volume of the guitar had only 1 passqu'y tchénol to the EPOC. Na!
Benefit # 4: The Dark Side Of The TonerreVerb. Orange, they have patented a special grave: the ETR (Extended Tone Range) that extends the bandwidth [which usually starts at low e is 80hz] to 30 Hz!. Low frequencies are handled so well (in fact, all channels gain and output transformer must be able to line up) that you can play on the guitar Thunderverb baritone or even bass without it boiled parte.
Disadvantage: The weight. We must seek to find the weight of the head. Finally it is heavy => consult the catalog of the brand.


Using simple hyper
Getting good sound is easier than getting a bad
The doc is very very shallow but very unnecessary


Really versatile with a provision for vintage sounds is missing in many other side but sounds, I prefer to leave the words to professionals.
Dr. Boost (Guitar Part) =>'s absolutely fantastic, electric guitars to sing, its organic matter almost palpable clear and crunch sounds, singing character of the range of distortion among the best ever heard, sitting absolutely remarkable in the lower register . Articulation unusual. A masterpiece of electronic and musicality.
Judge Fredd (Guitar-Xtreme): super fine grain, super powerful and can easily go tickle a lot of 100W. A setting of low bass that gives good solid round and present, highs very musical, never aggressive, full of nuances very rewarding, beautiful clean sounds, for the crunch and subtle, and the frank fat saturation well.


+ Sounds (it's still what counts)
- Weight (although almost a common head lamps)

you do again this choice? I doubt it. When you see the amount of all models more attractive as each other it would be too limited as to restrain his curiosity.

If not the kind to do anything stupid today, I know better