Orange Tiny Terror
Orange Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the Terror series.

Berzin 04/09/2009

Orange Tiny Terror : Berzin's user review


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Enough said. An effects loop would have filled. It is also DSOL to see that the future is also Dual Terror dpourvu, while the Bass Terror reoit in a ...


Trs simple.


In sound, it was generally three phases:
With the low-gain a clear enough way, no compress lacking bass. It is usable in the studio, but as a group have to forget, or while armed with a drummer. This is not the strong point of the amp, many others do better in this area.
-With the gain in average, we get to crunch trs beautiful, especially high volume. Great sound that justifies the purchase of the amp. A rgal, even if here too, a little more bass would not have all night. Group assisted with a guitar is excellent, has pierced the mix, but in-bass-drums trio, the sound seems too Triqui enough pais.
With high-gain, the field of fuzz. It's not my cup of tea. I prfre mid gain, with an overdrive in front.
The legalization is quite effective, although it has seen better.
This is an amp that can please or characters dplaire.
Is the advisor for rock, hard rock 80. For the blues, I prfre a Fender or a Vox.


I use it for a year. It has its strengths (the crunch, the simplicity and weaknesses (no loop, a lack of bass) but I have not found better to use that I have: that of an amp travel. For quick rptitions o we will not leave the Big Bertha, it's very practical. With less than seven pounds and his bag, it is excellent. It is small, lightweight and sounds. I regret that few brands embark on crneau. Too often the choice between small amps, but unable to face a battery (Epi Valve Junior, Fender Champion 600, etc.). or hardware powerful enough, but too bulky dj (2061x Marshall, Laney Lionheart ...) Note that Vox Orange shamelessly copy the Night Train, but has not had the good idea e to put an effects loop that would have to catch up with their three-year delay. I look forward to the release of the Dual Terror, with the channel can be "fat" is a little rcuprera low, but I'm afraid of losing lgret and the compactness. Otherwise, trs solid, the price seems decent.