Peavey 5150 Head
Peavey 5150 Head

5150 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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kerry 01/05/2007

Peavey 5150 Head : kerry's user review


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I note the 6505 - but hey it's the same - says it all prcdemment for data sheet

the effects loop has no volume slecteur it ets injury, but passes

the components of this amp is a little cheap (thus breath) but well ets which gives the character this amp


Confi very simple - you get branches, it sounds live - no problem to find a sound you recognize the sound live 5150

it's bold, thick, a dynamic incroyble his super sharp, not bad, however acute depending on the gartte you doing it a cul - a small rglage well perso treble is necessary according to scratch --dropoff window

in comparison with the amp scratch daemon group that has an Ultra +, bah he breaks out his gueuele, sound ets cooler, edgier, more gain and also grain

manual that serves nothing left for the big novice MATIRE amp, I think


His Mtal insured - to thrash, death metal, heavy (actually my domain)

for rock, not that bad ets - just slightly run down the pre gain

his "rock enough" (EVH requires) in the soul compar a Fireball or Powerball to sound more mtallique, drier and more saturated ultra ultra right Teutonic metal
I find it more rock because medium and higher than the one before I hsitais (the fireball)

dj with 5 to gain, ets war


Ps cheap, efficient, nothing wrong

if a breath lot and feedback as well, but a good noise gate (ns2 boss), a good rglage gain and my dick and sparti

some say the sound is clear ets shit - yes and no

in fact, it ets pa sun mapli to jazz
it is those that calve before rserv a big sound and need a clear, period

with modulation seffets has embellished the clear

clear pretty quickly saturates dej but with better lamps preamp warmer, it saturates pre gain much levbr />
with experience, I rachetrais the same amp

if one day, I decides to buy a atre amp, it's not that it does me - it would be just to try something different by curiosity simploe