Peavey 5150 Head
Peavey 5150 Head

5150 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

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MGR/he who smokes bitches 02/14/2005

Peavey 5150 Head : MGR/he who smokes bitches's user review

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I bought the 5150 from musicians friend for about 700 buckaroonies.

everything. At first I saw this compared to the 5150 II and saw that the second unit had a lot more knobs. Better right? NO. Yeah, i can get whatever i want out the the head, i just have to play around with it. Dont believe all of the crap you hear from other reviewers about it having a dirty clean channel. It all sounds better than fine.

I didnt like paying a lot of money for it. But i dont like wiping my butt and I got over that ok.

I would suggest buying this from a music store instead of ordering it from a catlouge or ebay. I had mine spend about 3 weeks in a shop because UPS screwed up the tube filaments and that was also the catalouges fault because somehow they installed ruby tubes in it which peavey never uses standard and they dont do to well with shipping.

Just buy it. Im 17 and I cant afford anything but this truely is the best thing you cant get for any amount of money. Its very practical and if i would spend 700 hundred dollars on anything it would have to be the best. Just dont buy solid state.

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