Peavey Ultra Plus Head
Peavey Ultra Plus Head

Ultra Plus Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Ultra series.

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iamqman 07/08/2011

Peavey Ultra Plus Head : iamqman's user review

« Decent amp for the money »

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Peavey is certainly one of my favorite amp builders. Simply for two reason..the first being they make inexpensive amp competitively priced for low budget consumers. In this economic climate that is a great thing. The second is that their high gain amps are just perfect sounding for the price. Those amps that I am particularly impressed with are the 5150's, 65606's, and the 6534's. These amp are Peavey's bread and butter amp and they have some a great character and voicing to them that makes them very appealing to a lot of rock players.

This amp though not as impressive as the above mentioned still has a great sound a a solid tone for hard rock and metal playing.


Peavey Ultra Plus 120 Head Specs:
-Four 12AX7 premap tubes
-Four 6L6GC output tubes
-120 watts RMS @ 4,8, or 16 ohms
-Three switchable channels
-Master Reverb
-Master level control
-Three-position resonance switch
-half-power switch
-Peavey Ultra Plus online PDF Manual

Clean Channel:
-Level control
-Push bright
-Three-band EQ

Crunch & Ultra Channels:
-Pre & post gain
-Gain boost switch
-Three-band EQ


This amp sounds more like a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier than any other amp they have produced. Though it isn't exactly like e Dual Rectifier there are similarities that would make it a close competitor for someone looking into either one of these amps.

I like all Peavey amps with a good humbucker pickup installed guitar. I find that the Peavey's to be a little fizzy and nasally in their voicing and a decent thick guitar with a humbucker helps tame some of that noise in my opinion. Some of that noise is actually appealing in some ways and sometimes annoying to others. I personally like the way their distortions react and sound.


I don't Peavey is making these amps anymore and have new series amps that have replaced them. I think they can be found pretty inexpensively in the classifieds or on evilbay.

These are good amps but if I have the choice i would get a 6505+ head or maybe a 6534 instead of this amp.They are good amps but the 65605 used would be just about the same price or maybe a few hundred more but certainly a much better amp than this one.