Peavey Ultra Plus Head
Peavey Ultra Plus Head

Ultra Plus Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the Ultra series.

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papanowelle 01/13/2008

Peavey Ultra Plus Head : papanowelle's user review


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Amplifier always lamp: 4 12AX7 preamp in & 4 6L6GC power amp in
Amp-120w lamp (ie more in reality)
- Level connection we have: 2 inputs & low gain high gain
2 hp output with variable impedance
an effects loop
a din connector 7-pin for the footswitch
We have all the settings of such ypically amp: volume & gain for each channel, a passive EQ for clean & 3bandes another identical crunch & ultra channels

after a master volume, a master reverb (Accutronics)
important: a boost for each channel: gain boost for crunch, boost gain for the ultra, and boost the clean bright

and as important a 3 position switch for resonance

yes as a simpa: a switch to divide the power by 2 =)


-Config is pretty simple
A-side, j'aaaaaadore
-No manual but what it could be used


-To everything that goes from rock to metal of all kinds is extremely effective in my opinion!
I use it with an ibanez rg 3120 prestige and vigier exca.
- Saturated the channels are really great .. clean on him is not bad but nothing special ..


-This has to 8 months that I use
-I like everything about this amp Quazi
-The value for money, I'd had to OCCAZ so it was very good ... then I had trouble with that is Quazi doubled its price .. but I'm still not disappointed

EDIT: {number} me later another problem rears its nose, the reverb has occasional moments of madness: it produces a sound very loud and Quazi removes all low, it gives her a very strange a caricature of his trident ultra punk xD
I could try some head brunetti (XI 120 & r evo pirata among others ...) and I admit unashamedly, I much prefer the texture of the ultra +! Other heads are certainly very good too (hand made in Italy and everyone says the greater good) but in any case is much the ultra precise and grain very different ... Comtpte I also find myself a combo to avoid having to move the big stack to repeat them and guess what I intended .... bah Ultra 212 course; D

New edit: after testing a single-sided ... the ultra is still my favorite; D
mesa fan does not upset you, I'm just saying I prefer the texture of the ultra was that of a duplex, I say that the front is the shit; D