Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

axerebelion 03/16/2011

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head : axerebelion's user review


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Lamp 100 watt amp 2 input jacks on the front A clear channel, a channel distortion, a reverb.


For the configuration disto I say what is not simple since this amp has not a good balance between treble, bass and midrange. Moreover the king valve has a knob and a knob presence resonance, cele accentuated in the difficulty in clearly setting as its rotten sound, (médiocritée of speaker). It is impossible to casiment found a good sound if you push the volume knob has more than 40 percent. For the clean sound can be all it should be something fairly simple to find an interesting sound. The manual is in English, months I do not speak English, the more I bought this amp while in France ...


This amp does not fit my style of music (metal) the metal is now wide I'm more a style between black dalia murder and gojira. J'obtiend metal sound in the metant knob resonance, presence and reverb to zero, for bass and treble at medium and medium to 75 percent. I put on are clear and distortion I use a Rocktron Metal Planet. There is a knob behind the amp that adjusts the power lamp does not put a bottom especially if you play a high volume because otherwise the amp infarction risk (I was already a muse after six months and second lamps are held two weeks). J 'uses a guitar with a virgo bc rich micro emg81 As a general rule I hate all of this amp sonoritée


I use this amp for three years I have never been satisfied, the valve king is generally sold as a very good metal amp ... For me the objective of this purchase was to find an amp that will let me oriented metal to use any device, multi effect or distortion so as to have a more lifelike. The problem is that losrque it plays in a metal band, drummer hits hard and hits hard as it must be hard to put your amp if nobody hears anything. And the king is the valve or is the problem because just 40 or 50 percent of its volume the sound is just a shit it feels to hear what a cow is slaughtered. The firm is in bad Calita speaker and his very Criare. Regarding the distal small precision I played with a guitar player who has a Laboga mr hector, and yes we also pence when it bought an amp (of credibility). With distortion of this amp I am ashamed of my group is ugly impersonel blade. What I love most, nothing. I do not say this maliciously is my opinion What I would love to the least, I will not say "all" because it would be too easy I clearly do not like the distortion and I regret that the amp Bellows as one climbs the sound. The report qualitée price I would say very low for a simple reason, even if we do not like the distortion, settings or grain (which can be modified by multi purpose) however this is not normal c is selling a 100 watt amp will be a very close shot of a 45 percent volume and 55 percent make disgusting noise for the rest. I will never do it again this election I will warn you if a vendor offers this amp to the metal you ask the right questions when you have Scalability with this amp. It is often said that an amp of this type is not made to play in her room, think you this only serves to amp it has low volume, background or to annoy your parents.