Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

ValveKing 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

Gillesdu09maz 06/13/2011

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head : Gillesdu09maz's user review

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Tube amp 100W 2 channels with 2 modes per channel reverb and effects loop


simple setup, its easy to get


its versatile clear crystal-clear in metal!
I play mostly metal modern Scandinavian-style for the channel uses the bright clear day engaged with adjustable sharp as a medium 7 has a low 3 and 8 is the reverb on channel 2 for the full, a sharp medium 4 to 5 and a low 7 with respect to the volume I put the two channels at 4 for I use a volume box inserted in the effects loop which allows me to have the big sound without messing up my ears and I think C is the characteristic of this amp, it has long been criticized for its lack of energy but with a volume box ratrappe it all! j on the cabinet using a Harley Benton G412A (its vintage) with respect to the guitar ESP LTD J have a rise in EMG 81 and 85 and an increase in EMG HZH4 jackson and I can tell you it sends serious!
In lamps have always 6L6 j d j origin and I changed the preamp lamps in position V1 and V2 there are 12ax7LPS V3 and a 12ax7WA c is for me the best config for a very big sound! one last tip for those who want a well dug Mesa style or whatever, just put a graphic equalizer in the effects loop and voila, no I have effect level that a delay and a chorus that I use rarely


I possess 4 years and the question is value for money c top! with what is currently on the market today that I think I would take a Bugera 333XL but I am very happy with the Peavey